We Finally Know Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Order, And It's Delightfully Basic

Raised in the outskirts of Boston, actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck knows a thing or two about Dunkin'. The iconic American coffee and doughnut chain has been serving tasty caffeinated beverages and sweet and savory eats to folks from all walks of life — from our neighbors to the most famous names — for decades. Affleck, the award-winning star of "Armageddon," "Dogma, "Argo," and "Gone Girl," just to name a few, is one celeb in particular who is unabashedly open about his Dunkin' fandom.

To further establish his lifelong love for the franchise, Affleck recently appeared in a Super Bowl commercial to promote the brand. In the hilarious ad, he works the drive-thru at a Medford, Massachusetts Dunkin', much to the surprise of customers. The last person to order at the window was none other than his wife Jennifer Lopez, who requests a glazed doughnut.

So, what is Ben Affleck's go-to Dunkin' order? As it turns out, his favorite cuppa is a no-fuss classic.

Ben Affleck's Dunkin' order is straightforward and simple

Ben Affleck, who is known to play predominantly complex characters, has a shockingly minimalistic Dunkin' order. He recently shared his favorite drink in an interview with People while filming his Super Bowl spot. "It's not all that exciting, really. It's just iced coffee, milk, and two sugars, sometimes Splenda," he reveals. "I do sometimes have to admit to [using] almond milk, [but] if you really want to know, sometimes I forget." There you have it. Affleck is a proud member of Team Iced Coffee, and he enjoys dressing things up with a splash of dairy and a dash of sweetness.

Like many, Affleck has a deep-rooted passion for the caffeinated stuff. "There's something lovely about coffee — the way it smells, the way it feels, the way it tastes," he says. The acclaimed Bostonian runs on Dunkin' just like the rest of us.

This love seems to run in the family: His younger brother, fellow actor Casey Affleck, appeared in a "Saturday Night Live" skit when he hosted the show back in December 2016, playing none other than an eccentric (and enthusiastic) Dunkin' fan.

Celebrities and politicians alike love Dunkin'

It's not uncommon for those in the spotlight to gravitate toward Dunkin' for their coffee fix. According to Boston.com, actor and producer B.J. Novak is such a fan of the coffee shop that he was sent a Black Card in 2015. Though the Black Card doesn't open a passage to a secret coffee-loving club, the refillable card is typically sent out to show appreciation to Dunkin's most loyal fans. And you probably already guessed it, but "The Office" star was born in none other than Newton, Massachusetts, adding to the love the state has for the esteemed fast-casual eatery.

Dunkin' locations have also seen their fair share of political figures throughout the years. Per Forbes, Hillary Clinton was seen during her 2016 campaign ordering milkshakes from Manchester and Nashua stores. It wasn't clear what Hillary Clinton eats from the establishment. It was later revealed that her presidential campaign spent $1,866 at Dunkin' in 2015. This may have been the highest bill, but it definitely wasn't the only one. Politician Bernie Sanders spent $238 in 2015, while Jeb Bush spent $402. When media figures are seen in everyday places such as these, it likely gives the brand a bit of a boost. It also reminds us that celebrities enjoy coffee just like we do.

Dunkin' is a deep-rooted Boston tradition

Because the coffee go-to was birthed in Boston, Ben Affleck is a clear testament to what locals crave. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, Dunkin' didn't fold in its hometown. The once donut-based-turned breakfast mecca accounted for 45% of area coffee sales in 2020, per Second Measure and Boston Globe. With just over 1,000 locations in Massachusetts, Dunkin' tops the list for the number one casual dining spot; the chain has one store per 6,500 residents statewide, and the only state with more locations is New York.

Posted on the r/Boston subreddit, a curious user asked the community just why the chain has "a strangehold" in the area. "Dunks is the perfect Boston coffee," one member wrote. To back up their point, they explained that it's "cheap and it's everywhere and it works." Another fan felt Bostonian pride when thinking about Dunkin' as a company. "New Englanders like traditions — Dunkin Donuts is a local company that was started right outside of the city, which means that it's here to stay for the long haul," they wrote. Basically, even if America stopped running on Dunkin', Boston likely never will.