New Trader Joe's Sriracha Sprinkling Seasoning Has Instagram Pleading For A Better Sauce

Trader Joe's continues to saturate the market with a bevy of unique seasonings. Customers who take a walk down Trader Joe's seasoning aisle will find grocery staples like onion salt and paprika. Upon a closer look, they might find more unique spice blends that can be used to season almost anything under the sun. One of the most well-known seasonings that really put Trader Joe's on the map is its Everything but the Bagel seasoning. The seasoning spurred a line of Everything But the Bagel flavored items like kettle potato chips and smoked salmon. The company didn't stop there though.

Among the blends added to TJ's repertoire in 2023 were ketchup and pizza seasonings. To say Trader Joe's fans were excited about the pizza seasoning is a bit of an understatement in some cases. One person compared the spice to pizza-flavored Pringles, and others touted the seasoning as a way to add more flavor to popcorn, toast, or mozzarella sticks. However, not every seasoning has enjoyed a warm reception. To turn up the heat, Trader Joe's has released a new spicy seasoning meant to appeal to Sriracha fans. But reviews are mixed, and in some cases they're saucy.

Some shoppers are not pleased with Trader Joe's Sriracha

Thanks to the Instagram account @traderjoeslist, some shoppers are in the know about Trader Joe's spicy new seasoning blend, Sriracha Sprinkle. Customers are encouraged to sprinkle it on fries, hamburgers, and even ramen. Some commenters, though, many had a bone to pick with the sauce version of the seasoning. One person wrote, "I love trader joes but their sriracha isn't nearly as good as the green and red brand/the real thing." Another followed up by writing, "If it tastes anything like Trader Joe's brand sriracha sauce that's a big pass. Just taste nasty."

Trader Joe's red Sriracha sauce and Green Dragon sauce pack some heat but are not exactly complete dupes for Sriracha, according to Spicy Food Reviews. The Green Dragon sauce is made with tomatillos, jalapenos, and spices. The red sauce is made with ground red chilies, sugar, salt, and seasonings. In the midst of a Sriracha shortage that made headlines last year, fans may have found themselves searching for alternatives like Trader Joe's sauces (one Instagram commenter did this very thing after their preferred sauce vanished for weeks). But judging from some reactions to TJ's Sriracha Sprinkling, not everyone is enthused about these options.