Ben Affleck's Latest Dunkin' Ad Features A Matt Damon Mix-Up

Ben Affleck is back with a new Dunkin' donuts commercial that continues on the chain's advertising trend of playing up his Massachusetts roots. The actor has long had a famous love for the donut chain, and after savvy tipsters spotted him and Jennifer Lopez serving customers at a Boston-area Dunkin' this past January, rumors of the actor's working relationship with the company began to swirl. Those rumors became solidified as truth when a new Super Bowl commercial starring the couple, with Affleck working at a Dunkin' drive-thru and J. Lo pulling up to find him, aired this past February.

People got an exclusive peek at Affleck's newest Dunkin' commercial, which not only sees Affleck at one of the chain's donut shops, but actually doubles down on the Boston-ness — with Affleck being hilariously mistaken for fellow actor and Massachusetts native Matt Damon. The entire commercial (which, sadly, does not feature J. Lo this time around), promotes the chain's new Dunkin' Run offer, which lets customers get a donut for $1 with the purchase of a medium or large coffee.

Affleck's Dunkin' love runs deep

Given the history between Damon and Affleck, you'd almost expect Damon himself to pop up from behind the counter, but that's not the case (although it seems like a great idea for a future commercial if any Dunkin' executives are reading this). Instead, Affleck banters with the cashiers behind the counter, with one of the employees trying to clue in her puzzled coworker as to the actor's identity by mistakenly referencing "The Departed," a Damon film.

The partnership between Dunkin' and Affleck makes even more sense when you realize that the actor grew up making regular Dunkin' runs with his family, something that is somewhat of a New England tradition. It's easy to see the nostalgic affection Affleck has for the chain when you watch these commercials.

Here's hoping that Affleck continues to subtly roast himself in more Dunkin' commercials in the future. Maybe he can rope in some other Boston-area celebs like SNL alum Rachel Dratch or "The Office" star John Krasinski. A "Super Team Dunkin' Run," perhaps? At the very least, the world deserves a true Damon-Affleck Dunkin' Donuts ad.