Is Repairing Your Kitchenaid Mixer Worth The Cost?

If you have a Kitchenaid stand mixer, it's highly likely that it's one of your most treasured kitchen appliances. These are the workhorses of the kitchen, good for everything from kneading dough to making whipped cream (in fact there are a whole bunch of genius ways to use your Kitchenaid.) But what happens when it breaks? In our consumer-based society it might be tempting to just buy a new one, but is it worth it to have your Kitchenaid repaired?

The answer is ... maybe. It all depends on what is wrong with your Kitchenaid and how quickly you need it up and running. A new Kitchenaid can cost upwards of $500 (and there is a reason for that), which makes the prospect of having it repaired seem like the right cost-saving move. Kitchenaid doesn't detail the costs of having their stand mixers repaired (although they do have a handy troubleshooting guide), but luckily food blogger Alyssa of The Floral Apron recently sent her mixer in for a factory repair and wrote about her experience.

Alyssa breaks down the costs to send her mixer in to be fixed. It was $42 for shipping and another $25 for the diagnostics. After finding the problem, it was $98 for replacement parts and repair; and she notes the final total was around $170 all said and done. Her Kitchenaid Artisan 5-quart mixer goes for around $450 on Amazon, so in this case it seems like repairing it was the way to go.

Repairing vs. replacing your Kitchenaid mixer

There are other factors to consider, however. In Alyssa's case, she noticed some minor cosmetic damage on her mixer when it was returned, and the whole process took about six weeks. If you use your mixer regularly, or for professional reasons, that may be too long for you to wait. It might be worth your time to search out a local small appliance repair shop to see if they can repair your mixer more quickly or for a better price.

Additionally, many commenters on Reddit note that it was relatively easy to repair their Kitchenaid mixers themselves. If you are particularly handy, you might want to try that route; and there are plenty of YouTube videos that can guide you through diagnosing and fixing whatever issues your mixer might have.

At the end of the day, however, you will need to do your own cost-benefit analysis to determine whether to repair or replace your Kitchenaid mixer. Blogger Alyssa notes that Kitchenaid offers a one-year warranty on any repair work and replacement parts; and, if you use your Kitchenaid correctly, it can last for generations. There is a reason we named the Kitchenaid mixer the Best Stand Mixer of 2022; so, whether you have yours fixed or buy a new one, know that any money spent is a good investment in a tasty future.