Cooking Steak In Ketchup Defeats The Purpose Of High-End Meat

Culinary crimes abound in this wild, wild world of the internet. We've witnessed some practices — like crushing pasta in a blender before cooking and steak in a sink — that are downright blasphemous. Others lean more towards the "I wish they didn't, but whatever" category. For instance, most don't really know what to think about cooking steak in ketchup.

Ketchup in itself is a tasty condiment that elevates the flavor of some foods like fries, but when it comes to steak, eating it with ketchup might mask its real flavor. Purists on Reddit definitely frown upon it, with one writing, "Steak tastes wonderful on its own. Why cover up that delicious flavor with anything?" Chefs might even take it as an insult because dipping steak in ketchup might suggest it lacks flavor or hasn't been cooked well enough to enjoy on its own. While there is nothing inherently wrong with dipping your steak in ketchup, cooking steak with ketchup slathered all over it is wrong for a few reasons.

For starters, ketchup can alter the flavor of your steak to the point that you can barely savor its umami-rich taste. Since ketchup has a thick consistency, it can also mess with the steak's mouthfeel and texture. Additionally, ketchup might also make your steak smell funny. One TikToker who tried cooking his steak with ketchup in a video, described the smell as "not very pleasant." If you're cooking something like wagyu steak with ketchup, it might be a total waste of money.

The internet is divided

As evidenced by the way netizens usually react to people cooking steak with ketchup, it's safe to say a majority of them don't approve of it. "Na you got talent, you just better keep it hidden," one TikToker commented on the TikToker's video. "I'm not an expert, but I think this is a war crime," a Redditor wrote in a post discussing steak and ketchup "monstrosity." Not everyone finds it inedible, though. "I'd personally eat it, but after the seasoning, I'd add some ketchup," one user commented on the video. 


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A few people opined that ketchup has all the ingredients like sugar, vinegar, and tomato that would make for a good marinade, and they aren't wrong. Since ketchup is acidic, it helps tenderize tough cuts of meat by breaking down the tough fibers. However, a good steak tastes good on its own with a little seasoning for a flavor boost, so you are better off using a different technique to tenderize it. That said, no one should be subjected to ketchup shaming. How you eat something you bought with your own dime isn't anybody's business.