Dairy Queen's New Blizzard Ads Are For Swifties Only

Dairy Queen's summer Blizzard flavors have been out for months, and quite a few are repeats (only Peanut Butter Puppy Chow and Oreo Brookie are new). However, the chain found a fun way to promote one of its repeat flavors, Cotton Candy. Not everyone is a fan of this particular Blizzard, with some finding it way too sweet and claiming it has a strange texture. However, DQ landed a built-in audience of those who will likely feel inclined to order the drink no matter what it tastes like — Swifties, at whom it has clearly targeted its new social media ad campaign.

DQ posted a shot of the Cotton Candy Blizzard wrapped in a piece of cloth in Swift's signature purple color on its Twitter and Instagram accounts. The pic on each platform had Swift-inspired captions, with Twitter opting for a reference to Swift's song, "Dear John," while Instagram paid homage to the title of her album, "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)," with a "Treat Now" caption. 

We don't know whether Swift likes this particular Blizzard flavor, but she may be a fan of cotton candy, as seen in the video for "You Need to Calm Down," where she stuffs it in a blender to make a morning drink. DQ's version of this Swiftian smoothie has purple sugar sprinkles on top, so there's that too. 

Taylor Swift has been linked to ice cream creations before

Despite Dairy Queen's recent attempts to capitalize on the singer's popularity, Taylor Swift may not be much of an ice cream fan. Based on what Swift reportedly eats in a day, her favorite desserts seem to be autumnal treats like ginger molasses cookies and pumpkin bread — but she may have a favorite ice cream parlor. Ed Sheeran shared a hilarious story about a Connecticut establishment where Swift dared him to eat an eight-scoop sundae. He succeeded, although not without subsequent projectile puking. 

That said, Swift's presumed preference for healthy eating doesn't stop businesses from coming up with Swift-inspired items and promotions. Shake Shack went one step further by pairing various menu items with Swift's albums: Its frozen custard equates to "Fearless," while its strawberry shake goes with "Lover." 

One Pennsylvania ice cream shop scooped the rest. The shop's owner, who is only 16 years old and quite the Swiftie, created a collection of eight flavors inspired by Swift's "Eras" tour. According to Parade, Swift caught wind of this and — even though she couldn't visit the shop while touring — sent four dozen red roses as a token of her appreciation. That is probably more than DQ will get, at least not without coming up with a new "Lavender Haze" blizzard. However, if it was flavored with actual lavender, we'd be interested in trying a unique, floral-flavored treat.