Blue Moon Wants To Make Thanksgiving Taste Like Beer With New Seasoning

CORRECTION 11/1/23: A previous version of this article stated you could purchase the seasonings and the pie pints for $27.30 plus shipping. The two products are sold separately, that price is just for the pies.

Thanksgiving is a time to test out new recipes and flavors for turkey and side dishes, but it's also a time for festive drinks. Of course, there are plenty of festive cocktails out there — like apple cider mocktails, for example — but sometimes you just want a tried-and-true beer. Depending on your guests' tastes and preferences, accommodating every person at your table can be nearly impossible, but Blue Moon is attempting to satisfy everyone's tastes with the launch of its new holiday seasonings. While these new products don't taste exactly like the well-known beer, the flavors are inspired by Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale.

Blue Moon's two new offerings are a Zesty seasoning and a Pie Pint seasoning. The former is meant for savory applications, such as adding more flavor to your turkey, and its blend contains notes of salty citrus, coriander, and hops. Of course, you can't enjoy a turkey dinner without dessert, and Blue Moon's pie pint seasoning is there for all your sweet dessert needs. Expect notes of fresh orange and coriander that you can use to make a perfect pie filling.

Garnish your beer with a seasonal Tiny Pie

Since dinner and dessert go hand in hand, Blue Moon is offering both of its new seasonings in a two-pack. The company is also partnering with Austin, Texas bakery Tiny Pies to bring back its pie pints. Pie pints are miniature pies that can be enjoyed for an individual dessert, or as a perfectly sweet garnish for your Blue Moon pint. In 2022, Blue Moon partnered with Baked by Melissa to create miniature pie pints; this year, Tiny Pies will be offering four new flavors, including Zesty Pumpkin Spice, Tangy Citrus Apple Twist, Key Lime Coconut Crumble, and Chocolate Citrus Haze.

For a limited time, the Tiny Pies four-pack can be bought for $27.30, while the seasoning two-pack is going for $11.26 (both prices do not include shipping). As these products are from a beer company, purchasers must be 21 or older to order. Customers can head to the Blue Moon seasonings website, as well as the Tiny Pies website, to order their seasonings and dessert and avoid a bland Thanksgiving meal. Now that you have your seasonings covered and your dessert needs met, you just have to decide which Blue Moon flavor to pair with your turkey.