You Should Use White Rum For Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

Is anything more idyllic than taking a sunset stroll down the beach with a strawberry daiquiri? Even if you don't find yourself on a beach getaway, you can easily make frozen strawberry daiquiris at home for that vacation vibe feeling year-round. To make our deliciously simple strawberry daiquiri recipe, you only need frozen strawberries, simple syrup, lime, ice, and white rum. 

After everything gets blended, the result is a sweet drink that packs a tart punch. However, despite the simple recipe, one key to making the best frozen strawberry daiquiris you've ever tasted is choosing the correct type of rum. As far as we're concerned, white rum is the only choice for alcohol in a daiquiri.

White rum is made from molasses or sugar cane that has not undergone a long aging process. While its flavor is more subtle than dark rum, it has an inherent sweetness that pairs well with strawberries. If you're taking the time to make a blended drink, you want something easy to drink, light, and refreshing. Therefore, white rum is the best choice because it's not as heavy as dark rum and has a touch of sweetness, unlike other clear liquors, like vodka. White rum also has a little bite, which cuts through the fruit sugars. 

Strawberry daiquiris are just the start

Mashed recipe developer Ting Dalton has a special place in her heart for this summertime cocktail. She says she loves the drink because "They bring a touch of summer and sea breezes at home. Sip [one] with friends at barbecues or summer parties and feel like you're in the Caribbean sunshine." If you happen to be whipping one up during peak strawberry season, feel free to freeze the fresh strawberries instead of buying pre-frozen strawberries.

As you would when cooking any recipe, you need to flavor your drink to suit your desired tastes. If the strawberries you bought or are using are extra sweet, dial back some of the simple syrup. If you like a bit of a sour note, feel free to add in more lime. If you're making a daiquiri and cannot find strawberries, other tropical fruits, like mango or pineapple, make a great cocktail. If you're feeling creative, combine your two favorite fruits to create a new daiquiri mashup. 

Of course, for those under 21 — or those who do not drink — omitting the rum in a fantastic daiquiri recipe creates a delicious Virgin daiquiri that will still transport you to a warm tropical island. And, while rum white is superior for frozen strawberry daiquiris, dark or spiced rum can make a fantastic option for other tropical drinks, like a Mai Tai or a Dark 'n Stormy.