You Can Easily Turn Your Omelette Into A Work Of Edible Egg Art

If you're a creative who enjoys brainstorming ways to make your food look aesthetically appealing, you've probably got some ideas for transforming everyday dishes into art. Although it's the most important meal of the day, breakfast often becomes a quick bite or is skipped altogether. But when it comes to special occasions, breakfast in bed, or treating guests to a home-cooked meal, artistic presentation can go a long way. You canĀ spread artsy ingredients on your toast, turn pancakes or waffles into fun shapes, or slice fruits into picturesque pieces. But what about the eggs? Don't they deserve to look cute too?

You could buy a kitchen tool that stamps eggs into shapes, but there's a much more cost-effective way to dress up anĀ omelet, especially if you enjoy doodling. The only tool you'll need for the job is a food-safe pipette or dropper bottle top to suck up the egg yolk, because that will be your drawing utensil. It's similar to those mesmerizing videos of people slowly piping layers of colorful pancake mix onto a hot griddle, then flipping it over to reveal a work of art. After separating the egg yolk from the whites, you can use the yolk to pipe small patterns on the base of a pan that's sitting on medium heat. Then, the egg whites are poured into the pan and cooked on low to form a picturesque omelet.

Draw tiny flowers, hearts, or even festive Christmas trees on your omelette

Those excited to be culinary artists for a (literal) hot minute will have to work quickly when piping their chosen design so the lines don't burn. Do it right, and you'll create a thin omelet that sticks to the doodles you've made, creating an eye-catching breakfast that would make anyone pause to give it a proper "ooh" and "aah". One creator on social media, Tiffiny of @hergutfeelings, loves creating omelet art using this yolk-piping method, and frequently posts the various ideas she comes up with. Tiffiny has drawn flowers, stars, Christmas trees, happy faces, and hearts on the omelets, each design as charming as the next.

Viewers are wowed by the concept, and many are inspired to attempt it themselves. "This is next level!" one commenter marvels, while another writes in all caps, "I made it, I made it! It was cute and delicious!" It's also a great idea for kids who need a little extra dose of fun sprinkled into their brekky. Plus, it takes barely any extra time to make this edible egg art happen, so you don't have to worry about losing precious minutes in the morning making your classic omelet recipe infinitely more playful.