The Best Copycat Subway Tuna Sandwich Requires Lemon Juice

Poor Subway — while it remains the top sandwich chain in America at the time of writing according to the most recent QSR rankings, it's been plagued with scandals over the years that range from an unfortunate choice of spokesperson in the early '00s (the infamous Subway Jared) to one of its franchises making a tasteless joke about 2023's Titanic submarine explosion. One of the bigger black eyes, however, has come as a result of all the drama surrounding its tuna sandwiches. Allegations that the salad may not contain much of its eponymous ingredient may have left some tuna salad fans in search of a DIY knockoff to replace their former favorite.

Mashed developer Catherine Brookes tells us that her copycat Subway tuna sandwich "features all of the ingredients mentioned on the website," which is to say, tuna and mayonnaise. She also adds one thing Subway doesn't mention, that being lemon juice. Despite the inclusion of something not found in the original, she feels that her tuna salad sandwich is "a close match for the original sub."

Be your own sandwich artist with your choice of toppings

One good thing about Subway, to give the chain its due, is that it's always been about customization. While some sandwiches may come with recommended toppings or types of bread, none of these is de rigueur. Brookes goes with fairly plain sub rolls and likes to top them with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, black olives, and American cheese. As she raves about her chosen ingredients, "Tuna, cheese, and fresh crisp salad are such a classic combination." If you're not a fan of any or all of these items, however, there's no need to follow suit

If you want to turn this tuna sandwich into a copycat of your own go-to Subway order (or former go-to, if you've given up on the chain's allegedly dubious tuna), you have plenty of options open to you. Subway's menu allows a choice of flatbread, multigrain, or herb and cheese in addition to the standard Italian-style sub roll, while the chain's cheeses include pepper jack, provolone, and a Monterey-cheddar blend (although you could pick just one or the other if you prefer). As for the toppings, instead of (or in addition to) Brookes's picks, you could go with banana peppers, green peppers, jalapeños, pickles, or spinach. Including a few slices of bacon or avocado won't make your sub any less Subway-like either, although these additions would come at an upcharge if ordered from the restaurant itself.