Krispy Kreme's 2024 St. Patrick's Day Lineup Includes 4 New Donuts

Whether you're a Krispy Kreme fan or a total novice, you're probably aware that the chain won't let a holiday pass without creating some sort of homage in donut form. As such, Krispy Kreme has something big in store for St. Patrick's Day. Starting March 11, the chain will be featuring a limited-time lineup of green-frosted delights to celebrate the occasion, per information shared with Mashed.

Even though the four new St. Patrick's Day donuts at Krispy Kreme aren't quite as out there as some of its previous offerings — 2022's St. Paddy's Day collection featured a donut face dubbed Lenny the Leprechaun — they certainly seem fun and festive. One is a green-frosted glazed donut called Luck of the Rainbow, which features rainbow sprinkles and a cloud-shaped blob of frosting. Another, dubbed Shooting Shamrock, is a green-frosted glazed donut topped with (of course) a sugary clover. The third treat is the Oreo creme-filled Shamrock Cookies 'N Kreme donut; its frosting is white, but its drizzle and sprinkles are both green and shamrock-shaped. The final donut, named Plaid Party, is chocolate-frosted and also creme-filled, with light and dark green frosting stripes creating a plaid-like pattern on top.

How do these compare to last year's offerings?

While Krispy Kreme's St. Patrick's Day donut designs are new this year, most of them are similar to prior March 17 offerings. When the 2023 lineup arrived, for example, the green-themed treats — which we tried and deemed a feast for the eye — also included a chocolate-frosted donut with plaid stripes, although that one featured a sugar leprechaun hat. There was also a green donut with a rainbow-and-cloud theme, although that rainbow was made of frosting and the donut was creme-filled. Last year's menu also featured a cookies-and-cream donut, though it was quite a bit different from 2024's, as the sandwich cookies were golden rather than chocolate.

One final St. Patrick's Day treat you can get this year isn't new at all: The chain introduced its green O'riginal donut back in 2017, though it first experimented with green dough the year before. In the O'riginal's inaugural year, customers could only get it on the holiday proper, but this year, it's available from March 15 through 17. Plus, if you visit a Krispy Kreme dressed in green during those three days, you can get an O'riginal free of charge. You don't even need to get out of your car to do so, as the green-clothing offer extends to drive-thru patrons. The festive donuts will also be available for delivery and in select grocery stores, but these routes offer no freebies.