Sam's Club's 11 Most Underrated Items Shoppers Love

It was 1983 when the very first Sam's Wholesale Club opened up in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Since then, the Walmart-owned membership-only warehouse giant has done nothing but expand its presence in the United States and the world, growing to become the 600 location-strong store we know today. Sam's Club is considered to be among the top three largest membership clubs in America alongside Costco and Amazon Prime, offering its estimated 69 million members exclusive deals on groceries, electronics, home improvement supplies, bulk paper products, and so much more.

Some of these millions of members have good news to share with the rest of the world's consumer base regarding their favorite wholesale store: some serious hidden-gem food items are waiting discreetly in the Sam's Club aisles. Nestled beside the bulk rolls of toilet paper, kitchen blenders, or newly-released books are some great bites that offer consumers slamming taste at great price points. From sweet bakery treats to fresh fruit to savory dips to cooking oils, here are 11 of Sam's Club's most underrated items that shoppers love.

Bakery muffins

When it comes to wholesale grocery store muffins, it seems that Costco's admittedly famous baked delights get all the love and attention. However, Sam's Club has notable freshly baked muffins available in its bakery department, as well. The Sam's Club muffins are currently produced in just four flavors — blueberry, banana nut, double chocolate, or cinnamon crunch — but don't let the less varied number of choices fool you. According to consumers, these sweet breakfast morsels are worth the purchase — and not just for the delicious taste. Unlike Costco's bakery, which requires that shoppers purchase two packs of its products at the same time, Sam's Club holds no such requirement for its members.

"Agreed on the bakery," replies a shopper on a Reddit post praising the club's allowance for the single purchase of bakery products. "I like that I can buy just one 6 pack of muffins or pack of danishes, it's super hard to go through all the muffins in time when there's 12 of them, and I don't want to clog up my freezer." 

The user then highlighted Sam's Club's banana nut muffin option in particular, expressing their disappointment in Costco for not carrying this popular flavor. If you're craving a sweet and crunchy banana nut bakery muffin (or are simply seeking the freedom to purchase smaller quantities of these baked goods), then Sam's Club might be worth checking out for your next round of breakfast treats.


Though the idea of purchasing any type of sushi from a wholesaler might sound initially off-putting, hear us out. When it comes to quality, things are different at Sam's Club, including regarding the celebrated seaweed and rice-wrapped dish. Most locations have their very own specialized sushi counter, where partnered chefs from the company FujiSan and teams of employees whip up everything from California rolls to dragon rolls to tempura shrimp, all doing so in-house every day. According to reviews from those who have sample the Sam's Club sushi, these carefully prepared creations are nothing short of mouth-watering.

But great taste alone is not the only attractive thing about the fresh sushi rolls from Sam's. Shoppers have noted that the employees behind the counter are largely helpful, friendly, available to answer any questions that arise, and have the ability to put together custom trays as needed. If you want an attractive, great-tasting, unique platter for your next get-together — or even just something different for lunch during the work week — you may want to consider giving a Sam's Club sushi creation a try. 


One of the more obvious products available for a smaller price in the warehouses of most wholesale clubs is alcohol, and Sam's Club is no exception. Beer, wine, and various spirits are all typically offered up in Sam's aisles and often listed at a lower price than what customers might find in their local standalone liquor store. 

But it's more than just your average beverage discount, as some shoppers claim. Although the selection of whiskey and other hard liquors at the celebrated Walmart-owned membership club might not be as vast, the prices are reportedly so low, that it more than makes up for it.

Consumers across platforms praise the prices of spirits from Sam's Club. "My local Sams Club selection," reads the title of a Reddit post under r/whiskey beside a photograph featuring rows of different handles and their associated price tags. Responding users went crazy. "At those prices? I'd need 2 carts," replied one user, while another said "This is nuts. Just buy at least one of everything." Dozens of others reported never having seen any of the photographed options listed so low anywhere else. This is hardly the only thread where similar reactions have been shared regarding Sam's Club's alcohol selection. Before you make the drive to your standard spirits store to stock your mini bar the next time it runs low, you may just want to pop into your local Sam's Club first.

Almond flour

When it comes to different types of flour, the almond variety is undeniably more expensive when compared to its more standard, wheat-based cousin. Therefore, those who prefer to use it in cooking and baking can run into a bit of an expensive roadblock when they need to purchase the pricey stuff in large amounts. Cue Sam's Club, the membership shop that — according to consumers — has the best price on bulk almond flour around.

From home bakers to professional chefs, Sam's Club is routinely highlighted as one of the best options for sourcing affordable almond flour. "It's the best deal I've seen thus far for almond flour," insisted a user on Reddit, making a direct comparison to Costco's prices for the same product. 

On another thread, a baker praised the quality of one of the almond flour brands they had found at their local Sam's Club, declaring it had produced superior-looking macarons at a much lower price point. Before your next big baking day, you may want to squeeze in a trip to Sam's Club to check out its Blue Diamond, Bob's Mill, or other almond flour brands. You may not only save money collecting the necessary ingredients, but your batch of cookies might end up looking or even tasting a little better, too.

Fresh produce

Ahhh, produce. It's a notoriously tricky buy when it comes to wholesale retailers. Because packs of strawberries, bags of apples, or boxes of oranges tend to be sold in bulk just like everything else in warehouse locations, shoppers often run the risk of experiencing quantity over quality when it comes to their fruit and vegetable purchases. Thankfully — in the case of Sam's Club, at least — consumers feel they run a pretty good chance of maintaining both quality and taste when it comes to their perishable purchases from the Walmart-owned wholesale club.

Whether it be berries, apples, or persimmons, the produce at Sam's Club is highlighted positively by shoppers. "Not necessarily cheaper," reads a recent comment on Reddit, "but produce at Sam's is much better quality than the garbage produce Costco has." On another thread titled, "Why/how is Sam's Club produce so good?" another user voiced a similar opinion, stating: "Sam's has hands down the best produce. Way better than Walmart, target, Wegmans or Giant Eagle." Similar feedback exists across numerous online platforms, and with so many affirmative customer testimonials out there, we figure that it's worth a shot to fill your fridge with some juicy Sam's Club fruit and veggies.

Rotisserie chickens

Rotisserie chickens have been a hot topic among consumers as of late, and it's thanks in large part to the world's leading warehouse retailer, Costco, and its ready-cooked birds with a cult following. Recently, however, Costco has come under fire for its skewered-and-seasoned poultry, which some eaters have described as having a chlorine-like aftertaste. Understandably, this has made many shoppers question their allegiance to the leading wholesaler's rotisserie chicken variant, which seems to have become unpalatable for many.

Thankfully, another delicious and inexpensive rotisserie chicken option is out there, and it comes from one of Costco's biggest competitors: Sam's Club. Not only is Sam's chicken reportedly free of any strange chemical undertones, but many shoppers declare that the company's ready-made whole chickens have a superior flavor all around. 

"Sams taste better!!! Hands down," declares a commenter on a recent TikTok video comparing the chickens from the two leading wholesale clubs. A notable number of consumers have expressed this opinion on other platforms, as well, with some going so far as to openly declare that the Sam's Club chicken is the winner due to its lower price and better overall taste. High praise that we daresay might just have a few shoppers making a major chicken switch. 

Coffee pods

There's nothing like an instant coffee maker and a basket full of K-Cups to welcome employees into the office first thing in the morning. However, instant coffee pods aren't exactly cheap, and it can be difficult to find a cost-effective way to stock a break room with the amount of quick espresso necessary to provide everyone with that perfect steaming cup. Never fear: that's what wholesalers like Sam's Club are for.

Shoppers insist that skipping regular retailers and heading straight to Sam's is the way to go when it comes to purchasing bulk amounts of instant coffee pods. The Member's Mark Colombian Supreme, a colossal 100-count box of Sam's Club's house brand of K-Cups, is consistently called out for being the best flavor-price combination out there. "Sam's Club 'Colombian Roast" K-cups,'" answers a consumer in a Reddit discussion. "100 for $28 but when it's on sale, you can get it for $25."

If a basic Colombian roast just isn't your thing, Sam's also offers steals on other name-brand K-Cup flavor options. "I found that at my local grocery store, the k-cups can be from $.60 to $1.15 a cup depending on the sale," said another customer on a separate Reddit thread. "Sam's Club has some good prices at .28 [per cup] for the store brand to $.56 for Starbucks." Given this comparison, we think we can safely conclude that the caffeinated mini pods from Sam's offer consumers a striking bang for their buck. 

Kerrygold Butter

Kerrygold Butter is a brand of extra-creamy, extra-rich, and extra-flavorful Irish butter that is widely celebrated for its high quality. As the illustration on the packaging suggests, the butter is made from the milk of exclusively grass-fed cows, creating a wholesome aspect that consumers claim to taste. But you get what you pay for, of course. Good as it is, Kerrygold also harbors a bit of a reputation for being a pricey golden spread.

But thanks to Sam's Club, you may not have to break the bank just to pay for your favorite butter. Currently, sitting comfortably in the wholesaler's cold aisle, you can find a large package of 6 individual 4-ounce Kerrygold sticks. Though the exact price of the product varies according to location and club, it's the best there is according to shoppers. "Went to Sam's Club solely because they have the best price on Kerrygold. 6 sticks for $9. Might as well stock up!" raves a user on Reddit, posting a photo of an impressively tall stack of Kerrygold packs cradled in their arms. Similar claims regarding cheaper Kerrygold at Sam's exist on other platforms, as well, leading us to conclude that the wholesaler should be on your list of stops if you're a fan of this particular celebrated butter.

Fried Pickle Dip

A good hummus, cheese dip, or guacamole can be the highlight of any party platter, but before you decide on the dippable centerpiece for the grazing table at your next epic get-together, consider giving this next Sam's Club product a try. Taste of the South's Fried Pickle and Ranch Dip, which is currently available in a 24-ounce tub from Sam's Club, has been called out all across the internet for its delicious savory taste and its mouthwatering chunks of chopped dill pickles. Made with sour cream and ranch seasoning, the resulting product produces a flavor explosion in every bite, according to satisfied shoppers.

"Bought this yesterday and I'm addicted!!!" expressed a commenter on TikTok who wrote under a positive taste-testing video, giving voice to the overall consumer feedback surrounding the dip. Further comments referring to the product as "fire," "yummy," and "amazing" litter the thread — and this is just one of many optimistic conversations, declarations, and reviews regarding the pickle-forward spread. Don't just take our word for it; take every one of these raving customer testaments into account when deciding whether or not to give this one a try the next time you're strolling through your local Sam's Club.

Olive oil

Arguably one of the most-used ingredients in many a home kitchen is olive oil. The rate at which many home cooks utilize it can quickly cause the money spent on the coveted cooking constituent to rack up. Thankfully, bulk wholesalers give olive oil consumers the ability to save some money and make less frequent trips to the store in search of more.

When it comes to the Sam's Club's variety of olive oil, customers happily report that they have received the best of all three cooking oil attributes: taste, price, and size. The Member's Mark 100% Pure Olive Oil comes in a gigantic 3-liter jug and is advertised as having a mild flavor. Note, however, that it is not advertised as extra virgin olive oil, which a dive into the untold truth of olive oil indicates has different applications than other varieties of olive oil.

"I like Member's Mark (Sam's Club) mild olive oil for general cooking if I'm going to use olive oil," said one user on Reddit. "It's quite cheap for olive oil, and the flavor is more muted, which I prefer in this context." The lower price point on the oil is verified many times over on other discussion threads. "The main thing I buy at Sam's club is olive oil. It's at least $5 cheaper than anywhere," shared another Sam's Club shopper. Given the combination of great flavor and excellent price, a trip to Sam's sounds more than worth it in this case.

Pineapple spears

Is there anything more refreshing than a sweet piece of pineapple? What about a sweet piece of pineapple that's also been soaked in coconut water? The Sam's Club Member's Mark Pineapple Spears in Coconut Water features giant sticks of sweet golden fruit canned in a light coconut water-infused syrup. According to both the wholesaler's employees and consumers alike, the 42-ounce glass jars absolutely fly off the warehouse shelves.

"Those [...] pineapple spears slap SO HARD but [...] no one can keep them in," admitted an alleged employee on Reddit. "I think the company massively underestimated how popular they would be. My [...] store sold through three whole pallets in half a week." Another alleged employee responded to the comment, confirming: "We absolutely cannot keep those suckers in stock. I've had people asking about them all week!" 

Alright, we're sufficiently convinced: the next time we're looking for a flavorful treat with the ability to transport us to an exotic beach paradise, we'll be heading over to Sam's Club to snag a jar of this celebrated tropical yellow fruit. 


To develop a comprehensive list of understated products that Sam's Club customers find irresistible, we sourced a variety of reviews from Reddit, TikTok, and personal shopping blogs. These varied yet consistent opinions helped us to create a collection of food items we believe that we can accurately label as well-loved. 

That said, please keep in mind that preferences are always subjective, prices can vary according to location, and individual experiences may differ.