The Reddit 'Hack' For Costco Ice Cream Toppings Is, Frankly, Kind Of Silly

There isn't anything particularly fancy about the Costco food court, but isn't that part of how it attracts people? Still, we can't help but applaud shoppers for coming up with some clever ways to level up the in-house eatery's fairly basic menu, like the genius (albeit slightly extra) rotisserie chicken pizza hack that transforms a slice of cheesy 'za into a BBQ lover's dream. On the other hand, there are a few Costco food court hacks that don't necessarily have us wishing we had thought of them sooner. An ice cream "hack" shared on Reddit fits that bill.

In a post from December 2023, a Redditor explained that they thought the now-discontinued strawberry swirl ice cream at Costco's food court would benefit from the addition of chocolate. "For months, I never planned ahead and was always kicking myself when we sat down to eat it. Today, I very intentionally packed a snack to take with me to Costco," they said. The snack? A bag of chocolate pieces, which they used to doctor up their cup of strawberry swirl ice cream.

It's no secret that chocolate and strawberry are a winning pair, so we'll give the Redditor some credit. However, considering how many other places actually sell ice cream with toppings and mix-ins, the idea of bringing chocolate from home to upgrade the food court sweet treat has us chuckling rather than gasping in awe.

Redditors are surprisingly on board with this silly Costco food court 'hack'

Not everybody agrees that Reddit user u/Utshoo2's ice cream hack errs a bit on the silly side. With 145 upvotes, it appears that a number of shoppers are on board with the idea of bringing food from home to upgrade Costco's food court fare. Some shoppers admitted to packing their own chopped onions to doctor up the retailer's infamous hot dogs. Another respondent suggested bringing a few Oreos along to give the soft serve the McFlurry treatment with — though someone else argued that there was no need to plan ahead to execute this "hack."

The commenter suggested buying a big bag of Kirkland chocolate chips to use while at the store and sharing it with other shoppers who buy the food court ice cream — and still have pounds of the stuff left over! While that last part of their comment appeared to be in jest, you certainly would have plenty of chocolate morsels left over if you went this route, which you could then use to make tasty bakes that feature chocolate chips. Still, there are even easier ways to spruce up your Costco ice cream without having to wander the aisles.

Next time you're dining at the Costco food court, you could order any one of its ice cream options, as well as one of its new double chocolate chunk cookies. Then, just crumble the cookie into the ice cream to create the ultimate cookie sundae.