The Best Fast Food Pepperoni Pizza Is A Detroit-Style Classic

When asked to picture a pizza, chances are one with pepperoni on top comes to mind. In fact, this quintessential topping is America's favorite. Pepperoni slices can enhance just about any pizza, so Mashed set out to compile a ranking of the best fast food pepperoni pizzas out of 13 different chains. After looking at numerous reviews to understand what consumers thought about each pizza, Mashed concluded that the Detroit-style pepperoni pizza from Jet's Pizza is the best.

Although fast food pepperoni pizza tends to hit the spot, many key differences set Jet's pepperoni pizza apart from others like Papa John's, Sbarro, and Little Caesar's. For those unfamiliar with Jet's Pizza, it is only found in 22 states and originated in Michigan. While Jet's has a variety of menu items, such as salads, wings, and calzones, it is famous for Detroit-style pizza that features a thick, chewy crust, made in a rectangular pan. Although our ranking wasn't targeting Detroit-style pizzas specifically, reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and Reddit often highlighted the pizza for its flavorful but not overwhelming crust and perfectly meaty pepperoni.

Jet's has the perfect crust-pepperoni combo

Many customers seem to love Jet's Detroit-style pizzas (with or without pepperoni) for their crust. The toppings span edge to edge, but the dough beneath is delightfully chewy and ends in a crispy rim with an almost caramelized touch. One Yelp review describes it as "simultaneously thick and chewy, yet light, flavorful, and crisp." Jet's seemingly knows how much its customers love the crust and even offers an "8 Corner Pizza" that includes two smaller four-slice pizzas. "Everyone always gets a corner, so everyone's happy," a Redditor explained.

Now on to the most important element: the pepperoni. Pepperoni on top of Detroit-style crust is a match made in heaven. When ordering pepperoni from Jet's Pizza, be aware of two varieties: regular pepperoni and bold cupped pepperoni. The regular pepperoni is flat and large, lightly tossed within the cheese for a touch of layering. The bold cupped pepperoni has more of a kick and a small pool of flavorful grease that builds up inside. Either of these pepperoni versions are worth adding to your Jet's pizza, or fans could just go ahead and opt for both. To sum up the Detroit-style pepperoni pizza in the words of one Google review, "[T]hat's some darn good pizza!!!"