Extreme Couponer Reveals The Aldi Secrets You Need To Know

Aldi is already a bargain-shopper's paradise. They keep their prices low by staying small, keeping most brands in-house, and renting out their carts — well, not technically renting, since you do get your quarter back — but you won't get one in the first place if you show up to shop without a quarter in hand. Oh, and they also cut costs by saying BYOB (bring your own bag or basket) and foregoing canned music, meant to soothe the average stressed shopper.

Aldi fans eagerly await every new flyer, whether online or in their mailbox, as it tells a tale of exciting new products as well as sale prices that drop the store chain's already rock-bottom prices to even lower levels on select items each week. Still, if you're a real penny pincher, you can always find a way to stretch those pennies (and much-needed quarters) even further. One such shopper is Amanda Seymour, an extreme couponer and savings expert who shares shopping secrets with her nearly 30,000 TikTok followers, 594 old-school types who prefer watching her videos on YouTube, and 2,300+ Instagram followers. When last we spoke, Seymour gave us some tips on how to save big(ger) bucks while shopping at Walmart, and now she's back to share with us her Aldi expertise.

Try out these Aldi money-saving hacks

Seymour starts by pointing out what many Aldi fans already know: "Their household products are comparable, if not better than, name brand products," also noting that they may be "up to 40% off their name brand price!" She also gives a shout-out to their "fun seasonal section," acknowledging that "seasonal food can be expensive at other grocery stores," but contrasting that to Aldi where "prices are usually 30 to40% less than a store such as The Fresh Market, etc."

One thing Seymour says to keep an eye out for while shopping in Aldi is the red circle stickers that are often seen in the bread section but can be spotted on some pre-made foods and meat items, as well. She says these labels indicate a discount ranging from $1 to $3, and says, "This is [Aldi's] way of clearance-ing out something." She mentions that if you're a good sticker-spotter, you can score bread for as little as 50 cents per loaf, and considers these stickers "my absolute favorite secret that most overlook!"

And while Aldi won't accept manufacturer's coupons (they don't even carry most name brands anyway), Seymour says that "once and awhile during the holidays they do hand out $5 off $50 coupons at the register" (though allowing that this policy varies from store to store). If you're a fan of online grocery shopping, however, Seymour says, "Instacart does give out coupons to save you money on grocery trips which can be applied to your Instacart shopping trip at Aldi. Delivery and nice prices? It's a win-win.