Coffee Lovers Won't Want To Miss This Costco Advent Calendar

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Advent calendars in one form or another have been around for a long, long time. The first mention of one dates back to a children's book from 1851 (via Deutsches Weihnachtsmuseum), although it took another 75 years for some genius to come up with the chocolate kind. Fast-forward to the new millennium, plus a decade or so, and you can now get Advent calendars filled with toys, cheese, dog treats, and of course booze and more booze. Plus booze wearing ugly sweaters. Heck, there was even a summer hard seltzer calendar that helped you count down the advent (in the non-capitalized, secular sense of the word) of each weekend.

While Costco, just like many another retailer of alcoholic beverages, does offer their own wine-based Advent calendar, they just released something that's a bit more sober-friendly. For anyone who'd like to ring out the old year wide awake and alert, they present: Twelve Days of Coffee! Instagrammer costcodeals reported finding this coffee-lovers gift pack, which features 12 two-ounce packs of San Francisco Bay Coffee's finest ground bean blends, priced at $15.99 in Tukwila, Washington, while The Krazy Coupon Lady found it selling for $24.89 at a Costco of undisclosed location.

Costco's not the only one with a coffee calendar

Not a Costco member? You could always use one of the many Costco-shopping hacks, but those won't do much good if the nearest Costco is miles away — the calendar's not available online. If you're still loving the idea of a coffee advent calendar, though, Costco's isn't the only one out there.

One Amazon seller lists a "12 Days of Coffee" package featuring instant coffees, while another Amazon offer is a Christmas tree adorned with 12 K-cup ornaments in holiday flavors like gingerbread cookie, candy cane, peppermint mocha, Christmas cookie, and eggnog. If you or your giftee owns a Nespresso machine, you may be interested in that company's version of an Advent calendar: Days 1-23 feature a different Vertuo capsule, while on the 24th you get a coffee mug. Coffee Masters' "The Twelve Coffees of Christmas, also available from Amazon, features ground coffees similar to the ones in the Costco calendar. The package, which is shaped like a book, opens up to reveal 12 bags in seasonal flavors, including cranberry crème brûlée and Christmas cookie, as well as everyday favorites like French vanilla and hazelnut.

Christmas cookies for breakfast, anyone? If that seems a bit too decadent, however, you could always whip up something like this snickerdoodle French toast casserole, instead. Who says morning can't be the best time of the day, at least during the most wonderful time of the year?