Arby's New Boneless Wings And Crinkle Fries Are Turning Heads

Although Arby's is best known for their roast beef, they seem to be making a habit of veering out of their lane in recent years. What other fast-food restaurant offers gyros, after all? Or deep-fried turkey sandwiches? Or deep-fried turkey pillows? Plus, who could forget (though few have ever tasted) the infamous marrot? Even with their special deals, Arby's thinks outside the (super-strong) bag: any old major burger chain can line up a celebrity rapper, but creating a special menu based on a TikTok hoax, well, that's...different (though at least they didn't have to drop a few million bucks on that promo).

Well, news flash: Arby's is now getting into the chicken game – but no, they are not going that filet+pickles on brioche route that every other food purveyor short of Dollar Tree has gone. No, Arby's is boldly stepping into an area where other fast-food restaurants before them have failed: Chewboom reports that they're currently test-marketing boneless wings in "select markets."

How you can try the wings

As always, the most pertinent information regarding such an announcement is just where those select markets may be. While Chewboom's intel said the wings were first released in Syracuse, NY and Augusta, GA, and will be available through January, Delish adds that a second test run in Evansville, IN and Greensboro, NC will run through March. (Just who's selecting these markets, anyway?) Should you happen to be in one of those bustling metropolia, you'd just hustle on down to your local Arby's and fork over $5 or $6 for a six- or nine-piece option, though Delish also indicates that wings may be available a la carte or as part of a 2 for $6 deal.

The wings come with dipping sauces, of course, including classic Buffalo, still-trendy hot honey, and toddler-friendly ranch dressing (no word on whether they offer blue cheese, but then, Buffalo wing purists aren't likely to go for boneless ones, anyway). Oh, and for some reason (elementary school cafeteria nostalgia?) the wings come with a side of crinkle fries instead of the chain's usual curly ones.

As to the verdict on how the wings taste: Delish gushes that they are getting "rave reviews," but the only actual review came from a Chewboom reader in Syracuse who reported that the wings are "quite good." So maybe not exactly road-trip worthy, but they sound like a pretty solid "if you happen to be in the neighborhood, maybe worth stopping by."