The '90s Snack Food 30% Of People Miss The Most

Were you a child of the 90s? If so, you may be sick and tired of people assuming you live on nothing but avocado toast and hard seltzer. What you might be craving instead is a nostalgic taste of childhood, but it's probably been years since you've caught a glimpse of some of your old lunchbox faves and you fear they may have been discontinued long ago. Butterfinger BBs, 3D Doritos, Shark Bites, Flintstones Push-Ups, Hi-C Ecto Cooler, Taco Bell Lunchables...When, if ever, will we ever see these sorely-missed snack foods again?

That we cannot say, but don't ever give up hoping — or, if you're really dedicated, nagging the manufacturers. After all, even Dunkaroos came back (didn't they?), as have Crystal Pepsi, Surge, Crispy M&M's, and other discontinued-then-recontinued snacks. Since there are few things we like more than prognosticating (it's right up there with masticating), Mashed conducted a poll of our 656 closest friends (ok, so we don't actually know them since they were randomly selected), and as our poll results told us, the 90's treat most overdue for a comeback is Butterfinger BBs. Remember these ball-shaped, bite-sized version of Bart Simpson's favorite candy? They were born in 1992, died in 2006, and briefly revived in 2009. It's been over a decade since its last sighting, though, and 30 percent of our poll respondents are still having a cow over its untimely demise.

These 90s snacks are also missed by many

Good news for the 21 percent who miss second-place finisher, 3D Doritos. It seems these chips may be on their way back after nearly two decades in limbo. No such luck for the 18 percent who voted for Flintstones Push-Ups, however. Sure, orange Push-Ups are still around (via Walmart), but they no longer come in a cool carton that transforms into a Flintstones car. As one Redditor put it, this was "STEM projects for 90s kids." Neither does fortune favor the nearly 11 percent who long for the return of Taco Bell Lunchables. Although both Taco Bell and Lunchables are still very much with us, they will not be getting back together for the sake of the (former) kids. The smaller numbers of pollees who voted for Shark Bites and Hi-C Ecto Coolers (7 percent and 5.5 percent, respectively) are also, you guessed it, doomed to disappointment. There's always a chance the latter may resurface when Ghostbusters: Afterlife finally comes out, though, since Ecto Coolers did return to stores for a brief moment to promote the 2016 reboot.

Over 8 percent of our respondents, however, said they didn't miss any of these snacks, perhaps having been too old to want them or too young (or unborn) to try them. For the latter, we offer the following advice: stock up on your favorite childhood/young adult snacks now, since you never know when they're going to fall out of favor and disappear.