This Is Who Alton Brown Thinks Should Be The Next Host Of Cutthroat Kitchen

Alton Brown, who has been uncharacteristically absent from Twitter following a bizarre pre-election meltdown and a subsequent bombshell drop regarding his party affiliation (tweets since deleted), has finally broken the silence — thankfully, not with any more talk of politics! Instead, he's back on the subject of food, or rather food TV, which is a far less divisive topic.

Okay, so we can get pretty heated over the best way to prepare a steak (Brown says it's okay to eat it with ketchup, though this is not a popular opinion amongst his fellow foodies), but it's not the kind of thing we typically throw down over (not unless Bobby Flay is involved, at least). As far as food TV fandoms go, we've yet to hear of any turf wars between members of Team Rachael vs. Team Ree.

So what's got the chef all a-Twitter? It seems he's now lobbying Food Network to revive his old series, Cutthroat Kitchen. Not with him back in the hosting role, though — he bailed on the show in 2018, and hasn't looked back since. The CK reboot, Brown thinks, should instead star Jet Tila, the Thai-American chef (via Food Network) who so often appeared as a judge on the show.

How Jet Tila responded to Alton Brown's idea

Jet Tila is apparently not all-in with Alton Brown's plan, though he may be down with returning to his former role. Tweeting back at Brown, he said: "AB means judge cause there's only one host that makes the show!" One Twitter user apparently agreed and tweeted, "You should only be a judge. Your facial expressions are the best as you try the food. Very expressive," while several remarked that Tila was just so un-Alton-like. 

One person chimed in mentioning that "Jet is too nice!!," to which Brown replied, "THAT'S THE POINT." Another said, "But Jet is so NICE! I can't see him being Evilicious!" Brown actually agreed with this point. He responded saying, "That's the thing...he would feel bad the entire time. He would shake his head a lot and say 'dude' under his breath."

Brown even added a special hashtag to support his new cause: #cutjetkitchen. So is this thing going to take off? Food Network has yet to weigh in, but if we all join in to support Brown's campaign, maybe we can get them to bring back a kinder, gentler, not-quite-so-Cutthroat Kitchen for the turbulent 2020s.