The New Huy Fong Dry Spice Blends You Need In Your Life

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Huy Fong, the rooster sauce people, are best known for their signature sriracha sauce. As is the case with Heinz and ketchup, though, they don't own a patent on the condiment itself, they just manufacture the best-known brand. All of those zillions of sriracha spin-offs, the sriracha candy canes, flavored vodkas, and scented candles (according to Amazon, this is a real thing) – yeah, Huy Fong doesn't have a piece of that action. It's ok, though, they're still shipping plenty of their own product, so the company's not about to go belly-up in the face of a little competition.

One thing they are doing, however, after 40 years in the sauce-making biz, is diversifying into a few new product lines of their own. They recently started marketing a line of sriracha-flavored almonds (Costco and Sam's Club are some of the places they've been spotted), and they've also teamed up with Spiceology to offer a line of dry seasoning mixes.

It comes in six different flavors

These spice blends go way beyond just powdered sriracha, with each different blend highlighting an unexpected flavor pairing. One blend that's bound to be popular combines the 20-teens two trendiest flavors: sriracha and bacon. (Candied bacon, no less.) The honey garlic and smoked maple sriracha blends also play up on that whole sweet/spicy thing, while Thai lime and miso teriyaki return sriracha to its Asian roots. There's even a super-indulgent black truffle blend that, yes, does contain truffle oil (via Spiceology), so Martha Stewart might want to give it a pass. But Allrecipes found it to be a perfect topping for potatoes and pretzels. (It's also a possibility for pizza, pasta, and paella.)

These spice blends are currently available via the Spiceology website and come in two different sizes: 6.7-ounce glass jars (the black truffle comes in a 5.6-ounce jar) priced at $14.95 and chef-sized 26-ounce containers costing 22.99 (33.99 for the black truffle). If you're really, really into this stuff, though, you'll be glad to know they also sell a six-pack of all the different flavors in the larger size for $129.99. Sure, that's quite the investment, but at least shipping and handling will be free since the order's over $39.99. Plus, between all 6 blends, this nearly 10 pounds of spices will probably cover most (if not all) of your seasoning needs well into the next decade.