These Are The Best Valentine's Day Treats You Can Get At Aldi In 2021

If you're looking to add some excitement to your February grocery runs, look no further than Aldi. The German grocery company has been making waves since it expanded into America and shows no sign of slowing down. According to Supermarket News, Aldi opened its 2,000th US store in summer 2020. In addition to an impressive array of affordable pantry staples and produce, Aldi is also chock-full of unique seasonal and holiday-themed products. And they certainly didn't forget about Valentine's Day!

Whether single or coupled, more people than ever will be spending Valentine's Day at home this year. What better way to celebrate than with a tasty V-Day treat from Aldi? We've rounded up the most exciting Valentine's options the store has to offer. Plus, seeing as Aldi no longer sells products with partially hydrogenated oils or artificial/synthetic colors, you can rest easy knowing that you're making at least somewhat of a healthy choice (via Consumerist).

Better than a box of chocolates

A box of chocolates is one of the most classic Valentine's Day treats around. That's nice and all, but why not treat your sweetie to something cheesier? According to Delish, Aldi is offering $4.99 heart-shaped boxes of cheese cubes, just in time for Valentine's Day. The small-but-mighty boxes are decorated with pink and red hearts and come with eight bite-sized pieces of cheese and cheeky phrases like "you make me melt." Shoppers can choose from aged English cheddar or English Gouda.

Get even cheesier with these options

Instagram user and Aldi superfan @aldi.mademedoit reveals the Valentine's cheese boxes aren't the only way to get cheesy at Aldi this V-Day. The store also has a selection of heart-shaped cheeses. There's Wensleydale cheese, with either gin and rhubarb or white chocolate raspberry flavors, and there's a classic mature English cheddar. One commenter notes that "they always sell out in the first few days and never get any more," so keep that in mind when searching for this special cheese.

The sweet, sweet classics

If you do want to indulge in chocolatey tradition this Valentine's Day, Aldi's got you covered. As part of the seasonal offerings listed on their website, the store will be selling boxes of delicious chocolate. Choose from chocolates in a classic red heart-shaped box, European truffles, Belgian cocoa-dusted truffles, or colorful heart-shaped truffles. The possibilities are endless, and they all involve chocolate. The best part? All these confectionery delights are affordable. Each item is less than $5, save for the Choceur Chocolate Big Box, which is $9.99.

These snacks are a taste of nostalgia

Remember eating fruit snacks on field trips or as an after-school treat? Those chewy, colorful bites are permanently etched into our memories. But they don't have to stay in the past. Currently, Aldi is offering Valentine heart-shaped fruit snacks, but that's not all. The fruit snack's more adventurous cousin, Fruit by the Foot, also makes an appearance in the form of pink strawberry-flavored "Mini Feet." Arrange the fruity strips into the shape of a heart, as the box suggests, or simply slurp them up.

You'll fall in love with this pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a heart-shaped pizza pie, that's... Aldi. As of late January, the store has brought back their much-loved $4.99 heart-shaped frozen pizza. Perfect for sharing, the pizza has a mix of five cheeses, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, and herbs. Just add some wine and you've got the perfect V-Day dinner! However, it may be difficult to find the sought-after pizza this late in the game, as Aldi notes on their Instagram the pizza is only available while supplies last.