Burger King's Newest Product Might Involve Sourdough Bread

Recently, Burger King uploaded a video of a glass jar containing a sourdough starter onto Instagram. "We heard that naming your sourdough starter is a thing," the text on the screen read. "What should we name this one? See what's coming on 2-25." Until then, if you are so inclined, you can watch the sourdough live on the Burger King Twitch channel. Or, you are invited to imagine a name in addition to the "leigh, dwight, hugh" tossed out by Burger King.

The video has been viewed thousands of times and the suggestions it has accrued include "Bun Boi," "daddy dough," and "we're idiots for making our customers pay $3.53 for a large drink." So, it's safe to say that the excitement over a new sourdough offering is yet to bubble.

On Twitch, however, the vibe is different as one viewer wrote "sitting here staring at a sourdough starter is the most calm I've been all year." They then followed this with "no thoughts, just Hugh." In response, Burger King announced that the hungry Hugh was growing. Later, as such words of encouragement as "we believe in hugh" poured in, the chain added, "hugh just needs a little love."

Hugh may bring something old to something new

This doesn't mark the first time that Burger King dabbled in sourdough offerings. In 2018, Burger King' announced the arrival of the Sourdough King. That same year, Chew Boom noted that  Burger King would introduce a Sourdough Philly Cheese King alongside a Philly Cheese King. But what will the chain do with Hugh?

Last week, as CNN reported, Burger King announced that it intended to revamp its chicken sandwiches this year as their contribution to the ever-continued chicken sandwich wars. Between that announcement and Wendy's and Taco Bell all revealing chicken sandwich-related products in the last week or so along with McDonald's entrance to the swelling market the day before Burger King's announcement, it seems like a reasonable bet that Burger King may announce that their revamped chicken sandwiches will include a sourdough bun option.

Of course, that is just speculation. Until the big reveal, we can sit back and watch Hugh's continued growth to whatever product we will eventually eat.