Costco Shoppers Are Loving These Organic Coconut Rolls

What's the ideal snack? That depends on the individual, of course, but cookies and candy are too sweet and high-calorie for some people. And potato chips may be just too salty for some. People looking for an undoubtedly unique snack option have found it at Costco: Tropical Fields crispy coconut rolls. The Costco review blog Costcuisine says this snack is light and crunchy with a strong toasted coconut flavor. The rolls are dotted with sesame seeds, too, but the sesame flavor didn't stand out for the Costcuisine reviewer. The blogger concluded that the Costco coconut rolls were good, but not so good they were in danger of eating the whole bag in one sitting.

Reddit was filled with even more hardcore fans of Costco's coconut rolls (via Reddit). A user on the platform who goes by Aperture_TestSubject declared the item to be "absolutely amazing" — although they weren't the type to scarf down the whole bag at once, either. "Usually I'll just eat 1-2 to satisfy my sweet tooth," they said. Well, that definitely makes for a light snack. According to the Redditor, eight coconut rolls are 153 calories, with roughly half the fat and half the sodium in a serving of potato chips (comparing the nutrition labels on the Costco coconut rolls and Lay's potato chips (via Reddit, Lay's). 

Costco's crispy coconut rolls are great dipped in Nutella

Other Redditors admitted to having a more avid Costco coconut roll habit. "The only way for me to stop eating them is by not having them. Once they're in the house, they don't even last a day," ChiChicheerios commented. Redditor IcanSew831 said, "I opened them last week and I ate them all, it was my dinner."

The Reddit community came up with some good serving suggestions. More than one Redditor recommended dipping Costco's coconut rolls in Nutella. Another said, "These are great dipped in dark chocolate. But most anything is better dipped in dark chocolate." The coconut rolls are fragile, and people complained about ending up with a bag of crumbs. Someone in the Reddit comments found a happy solution to that problem: Sprinkle those crumbs over a bowl of Kirkland vanilla ice cream. 

Costco's Tropical Fields crispy coconut rolls have nothing artificial, they're organic, made with real coconut milk, baked not fried, and gluten-free. Still, no matter how many you eat, even if you consume enough coconut rolls to qualify as dinner, you won't get a significant amount of any vitamins or minerals. So, if you're someone who enjoys Oreos or Doritos, these coconut rolls will mix things up. But they're not the next big superfood.