Refreshing, Light Recipes That Pair Perfectly With Rosé

Wine o'clock is always a great time to kick back and, well, un-wined. But, with the beautiful blooms and warm weather upon us, it's about time to plan some refreshing, light recipes to serve alongside a great bottle (or a few) of chilled rosé. Whether you opt to serve a strawberry salad and glass of Whispering Angel, or our delicious crab cakes accompanied with a crisp bottle of Tank Garage's Wasted Love, your menu will be simply divine. Consider putting together a picnic basket complete with a pink floral tablecloth, grilled salmon sandwiches, and your favorite chilled bottle of pink for a rosé-all-day kind of afternoon in the sunshine.

Most wine lovers think white wines were meant to sip with fish, and they are right for many recipes. But, when it comes to salmon, many dishes prepared with a cream sauce or butter work well with chardonnay, and essentially all salmon recipes are completely superb when served with rosé (via Taste of Home). Not only will the pairing be a yummy match made in heaven, but any pictures you take will capture the lovely hues of pink and look oh so dreamy on your Instagram feed.

Sip, sip, hooray, because this strawberry salad is best served with some rosé

Our strawberry salad is such a light and delicious meal to whip up when the warmer weather rolls around and all you want to do is hang out outside. It also goes so well with a side of grilled chicken breasts to stretch out the meal even further. Be sure to set your table with fresh wildflowers to complement your strawberry sweetness. Add some candles and floral napkins as well. Hey, if you're able to serve this meal out on a patio or rooftop, you'll definitely be pleasing your crowd big time.

Try serving a bottle of Alma de Cattleya from Sonoma, California when you plan out your garden dinner under the stars. This rosé will bring out the fruity berry taste of your salad without being too overpowering (via Into The Blend). That's the best kind of rosé, anyway, are we right or are we right? Sip, sip, hooray, because you're having a garden party today.

Swoon over our recipe for crab cakes with some sweet moscato wine

If you feel like serving seafood for a delectable spring or summertime meal, our crab cakes truly never disappoint. In order to whip up this dish, you'll need crabmeat, an egg, mayonnaise, stone-ground or Dijon mustard, Worcestershire, chopped parsley, breadcrumbs or crumbled crackers, Old Bay seasoning, salt, and pepper. With 15 minutes of prep time and 10 minutes of cook time, you really can't pass up on making these cakes. Enjoy them with some fresh slices of lemon and tartar sauce if you'd like. Then, you can sit back and swoon over your meal, which brings us to our next recommendation.

To accompany our easy-to-prepare crab cake recipe, consider opting for a pink moscato wine to fill your glasses with pure deliciousness. It's a sweet, refreshing blush wine and will surely be a delightful pairing with your crab cake dish.

Avocado tomato salad will make you feel like you're eating in a charming bistro when served with a dry rosé

Just looking at this avocado tomato salad recipe will make you feel like you are eating in a charming, romantic bistro surrounded by a summer flower garden. All you'll need to whip it up is an avocado, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, red onion, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper — that's it! This dish will be ready in just eight minutes and makes enough for two people, which sounds like the ultimate date night idea to us. And every date night, of course, needs a little wine.

A dry rosé is a smart choice to have on the table for this garden meal (via Wine Mag). Consider trying Chloe Central Coast Rosé. As a matter of fact, pick up two bottles so you can make the evening last longer! And if you're having more people over for a little dinner party, you can easily double or triple this recipe and serve it on a fun platter. Your guests are sure to fall in love upon the first bite.

Grilled salmon and summer just belong together, and so do grilled salmon and rosé

Grilled salmon and summer just belong together. This grilled salmon dish is quick to make, yummy to eat, and will look so refreshingly Pinterest-worthy when plated. You'll need a salmon filet, sea salt, pressed garlic cloves, butter, lemons, and parsley. You can also include fresh mango and mild tomato salsa for toppings that will add pretty color to your plates.

Whether you add rosemary oven-roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables, or a light side salad to this meal, you are sure to have a lot of happy eaters at your table. This is an absolutely perfect summertime menu you'll likely want to make over and over again.

When you shop for wine, go for a light, fruity rosé (via Food & Wine). In fact, Wolffer Estate's Summer in a Bottle Rosé 2020 is so fruity and summery. The floral-printed bottle will make your salmon look extra summery, appetizing, and very professional.

This healthy green bean casserole needs a sparkling rosé

A wonderful menu for easy summer entertaining is a grilled steak prepared along with our healthy green bean casserole that's jam-packed with nutrients. (The best part is, this casserole tastes so darn good, you won't even realize just how healthy it is.) And there's no better wine choice for this duo than a glass (or two, or three) of rosé. Think of sparkling wine such as J Vineyards & Winery's Brut Rosé. Your guests will be impressed with your menu and choice of drink, and you will be pleased, too.

In order to whip up this recipe, you'll need extra virgin olive oil, sliced cremini mushrooms, mushroom or vegetable broth, all-purpose flour, fine sea salt, black pepper, Panko breadcrumbs, unsweetened unflavored non-dairy milk (our recipe recommends oat milk), a medium garlic clove (minced), white miso, green beans,  and nutritional yeast. This savory dish has such a delicious breadcrumb topping that you'll likely find yourself going in for seconds and third helpings. It even works so well as a leftover side dish for the next day, and, of course, you can always uncork another bottle of rosé to enjoy with leftovers!

Sweet potato salad belongs at your barbecue, with rosé of course

If you're sticking with a barbecue menu and decide to make something like barbecued steak, ribs, or chicken, you can't go wrong preparing our sweet potato salad to go along with it. You will completely not be disappointed, and neither will your family or guests. All you'll need to add to your shopping list in order to prepare this refreshing salad is a medium sweet potato, minced garlic, diced red onion, a can of chickpeas, cumin, garlic powder, extra virgin olive oil, runny tahini, freshly squeezed lemon juice, chopped parsley, pepper, and salt.

For this summertime staple menu, you should consider serving a bottle of rosé that's made in the Provence region of France for your soirée — such as Mirabeau Pure Provence Rosé — (as Wine Folly reports, rosé is truly an impeccable choice to sip at a barbecue), and you'll be all set for the most delightful dinner of all time. Start out with a light salad, and finish your meal with a fun dessert like chocolate-dipped strawberries (and a quality dessert wine, of course).