Why Fans Don't Want Chick-Fil-A To Start Selling Poutine

Fast food restaurants are always shaking up their menus with new items, and Chick-fil-A is no exception. The Georgia-based chain has expanded its offerings with a number of items over the years, with some of their more recent additions being a spicy grilled chicken sandwich, macaroni and cheese, and a lemon kale caesar salad. The eatery does not forget about their dessert lovers either, often presenting them with new flavors of their fan-favorite milkshakes to try.

So what should come next for the chicken sandwich giant? Poutine, according to Reddit user Optimus_Pyrrha, who argued that the chain would be "great" at making the dish comprised of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds, not to mention that it would be "delicious" (via Reddit). The introduction of the Canadian delicacy would also be in tune with the restaurant's plans to open 20 restaurants across the Great White North by 2025 (via Daily Hive), which would surely help poutine become the "instant hit" for Chick-fil-A that Optimus_Pyrrha predicts.

Unfortunately, not everybody agrees with our Reddit friend's unique suggestion, with the main reason being that poutine wouldn't follow the chains predominantly Southern fare. "Poutine is very Canadian, and there's not anything quite like it in the South. I don't feel that it would go over well," one user wrote back (via Reddit). Another pointed at that while the loaded fries would be "amazing," there's likely a reason that no fast-food chain has added the dish to their main menus at U.S. locations.

Other problems with Chick-fil-A serving poutine

Poutine's Canadian origins weren't the only problem that fans found with adding the dish on Chick-fil-A's menu — many took issue with the gravy component of the dish, as well. One Reddit user who's clearly familiar with what goes on behind the counter at the fast-food chain revealed on the thread that there are no liquids kept in the kitchens aside from the soup, and pointed out that both condiments and salad dressings are put on by the patrons themselves rather than employees. 

"I think this is to prevent the food from getting soggy so that it lasts more than five minutes after it's made," the Redditor reasoned. Even the idea of serving poutine in a deconstructed manner, with the gravy in a separate cup, was shut down, as one user noted that it wouldn't be hot, while another said that it might congeal before it could be added on top of the fries.

Speaking of fries, user sudifirjfhfjvicodke found a problem with those, as well, as waffle fries are not the cut of choice in poutine. Instead, the Redditor suggested that the meal would be more suitable for a chain like Culver's since they already have the three components of the dish on their menu. Others simply dismissed the idea for the United States entirely. "Only in Canada where it makes sense," user LynxRevolv responded, while user VanCb begged that the chain "please keep that stuff in Canada or wherever it's allowed."