Heineken Is Giving Away Robot Coolers To Carry Your Beer. Here's How To Enter

Cracking open a cold can of beer is a great way to beat the summer heat and unwind after a long day. If you're a Heineken fan, you might know that they've partnered up with Incogmeato for a 4th of July giveaway. But there's another giveaway going on right now, and you can win a robot cooler that will do the heavy lifting for you. This might feel like it's too good to be true, but you really can take your beers on-the-go without lugging a case around. 

Foodbeast reported that Heineken is doing a giveaway online for the Heineken B.O.T., which doesn't just refer to the robot. It's an acronym for Beer Outdoor Transporter! According to Heineken's website for the Heineken B.O.T., this little green machine can hold 12 cans of beer, and the cooler is also compatible with Heineken 0.0, which is the brand's non-alcoholic beer. Interested in getting a Heineken B.O.T. of your own? You can try to score one of these for free.

How to enter Heineken's giveaway

Entering Heineken's giveaway couldn't be easier. All you need to do is head over to heinekenbot.com and fill out a form with your contact information. You need to be 21+ and a resident of the United States to enter the giveaway, and the form is open until 11:59 Eastern time on July 1. The form opened on the same day, so there's not a lot of time to fill it out!

While we aren't sure about how many bots Heineken is giving out, it's worth the shot to get a more advanced free portal cooler. The full list of official rules is available, and the list states that "Odds of winning a prize are dependent on the number of eligible entries received." 

If you don't win the Heineken giveaway or are just looking for a more low-tech cooler, we've got options for you. Aldi fans spotted these summer coolers with adorable prints, and Aldi's also releasing a rolling cooler in early July. To keep your food cool, don't forget to try out this TikTok hack.