Hershey's Is Officially Bringing Back This Spooky Treat For 2021

While it's still summer, brands are getting ready for the Halloween season. It might seem early, but once we hit early fall, Halloween fans will be planning their costumes and the perfect party. Of course, it isn't a Halloween celebration without candy, and the new treats for 2021 are already rolling out. Skittles recently announced a new batch of Halloween flavors, and Hershey's is now joining in the (early) Halloween spirit.

Last year, Hershey's 2020 lineup of Halloween candy created a big buzz, and this year, the Vampire Kisses will be returning to trick-or-treat bags, according to Best Products. These Kisses are already in stores nationwide, so you can start celebrating Halloween now. These Hershey's Kisses are wrapped with a bright purple foil and have red bats on them, so they're super adorable yet spooky.

What's in a Vampire Kiss?

If you missed the Vampire Kisses last year, here's what you need to know about this Halloween-themed Hershey's Kiss. Keeping with the Halloween spirit, Hershey's website says that these milk chocolate Kisses "have a strawberry flavored creme center to make you feel like a real life vampire," and they also suggest that you "share with little witches, wizards and goblins, if you must."

Although some of the reviews on Hershey's website mention that these don't have a strong strawberry flavor, other people who've given this Kiss a try really enjoy them. Are you planning to buy these Kisses this season? For big fans of Hershey's products, this might be worth the buy, especially since it'll only be in stores for a limited time.

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