The Best Breakfast Items Coming To Aldi In September 2021

Are you ready for summer to be over and fall to arrive? If you're still young enough to be attending school, or you're that rare (according to TV commercials, that is) parent who actually enjoys having your kiddos home all day, then your answer may well be a resounding "Hell no!" (Or a quieter "Heck no," if you're trying to watch your mouth and stay positive in front of those kids.) You may also be less than enthused about summer's impending end if you live in one of the more northerly states, since if fall is here, can subzero temps be close behind? Still, fall does have its compensations. The colors are lovely, Halloween is always fun, but the best part of the season is all of the flavors: cinnamon this, apple that, and of course pumpkin spice everything. (Call us basic, but pumpkin spice is delicious. There, we said it.)

One reason why everyone loves Aldi so much is they always know just what to wear for the season – on their shelves, that is. Those shelves will soon be adorned with all manner of yummy autumnal items, but it's not possible to do them all justice in the space of one short product round-up. Instead, here, we're going to devote ourselves to highlighting the most exciting products Aldi's got in store for that first (and arguably most important) meal of the day, breakfast.

Kick off your morning with Aldi's fall-flavored coffees

What's the one thing you can't start your morning without? As countless t-shirts, bumper stickers, fridge magnets, and comic strips can attest, many of us are absolutely lost without our morning coffee. No worries, Aldi's got our backs. While they offer a wide variety of coffees both plain and fancy (all of them affordably priced), this can't-miss duo of Barissimo flavored ground coffees is particularly eye-catching: one is bourbon-flavored, while the other tastes of maple and bacon! Both varieties will allow you to kick off your day in a slightly decadent way, even if the only thing you're indulging in is a cup of black coffee. Each 12-ounce bag is priced at $3.79 and will be available beginning September 8th.

Aldi's got more than one coffee deal going on

Aldi's apparently all about the coffee this month! Its Barissimo house brand also features a Limited Edition variety that's made from 100% Arabica beans and is Rainforest Alliance-certified. Despite such serious-sounding coffee credentials, it also comes in fun flavors, and the ones on deck for September include pumpkin and maple. This ground coffee is sold in 12-ounce bags priced at just $3.65 each, and you can find them starting on September 10th.

Aldi also offers fall-flavored K-cups

If you prefer to make your coffee one cup at a time, you've probably got either a Keurig or something quite similar. You'll be glad to know that of course, Aldi hasn't forgotten you, either! Barissimo is also releasing its fall lineup of k-cups, leading off with caramel macchiato and caramel apple flavors. The coffee in these cups is made from Arabica beans and is fair trade-certified, but the best part is that a box of 18 cups will only run you $5.79! Look for them in-store on September 8th.

Aldi's oatmeal makes a healthy start to the day

If you want a nutritious, filling breakfast that's easily portable, don't settle for the same old sugar-packed granola bar. Instead, why not pick up a few of Aldi's Specially Selected oatmeal cups? Simply fill them with boiling water and you've got breakfast in a hurry. If you're the prep-in-advance type, you can also use them to make overnight oats. The new seasonal flavors for these oatmeal cups, available September 8th, include cranberry walnut apple and blueberry chai muffin, and each one will be priced at $1.49.

These Aldi fall-flavored yogurts are delicious and nutritious

Greek yogurt is an easy, tasty way to get some protein into your body first thing in the day. No prep work is required other than spooning it into a dish unless you'd like to make it into a smoothie. Either way, you're bound to enjoy the latest Specially Selected yogurt flavors: honey maple and honey caramel apple. These are available in 32-ounce containers, each priced at $3.69, and you can buy them starting on September 8th.

Give your toast or bagel a schmear with Aldi's Bavarian cream cheese spreads

Even if you prefer to begin your morning by loading up on carbs (carbs are necessary to fuel the body, after all), you can always give your bread a delicious protein boost by spreading it with cream cheese. Why use just any cream cheese, though, when you can have Aldi's Emporium Selection Bavarian cream cheese? This primo product is made with 100% Alpine milk, as its label proclaims, and is entirely free of the additive rBST (which, like most additives, is something we're better off without). This cheese comes in 2 different varieties, original and garlic & herb, and you'll start seeing it in stores beginning on September 22nd.

Give your pancakes some fall flair with Aldi's flavored maple syrups

Maple syrup itself is a favorite fall flavor, but there's nothing wrong with taking that ingredient up a notch by adding yet a little extra flavoring. Aldi's Specially Selected maple syrup is all dressed up for the season in two new varieties: bourbon barrel and pumpkin spice. If you can't wait to try these on your waffles, head to Aldi on September 8th before they're all sold out. At just $5.99 per 8-ounce bottle, this syrup is sure to sell like the proverbial hotcakes (that would also be delicious slathered with the stuff).

Aldi baked a cake in fall's official flavor

If there is one flavor that just screams fall, that would have to be cinnamon. This ingredient plays a major role in pumpkin spice, and it also pairs well with everything apple. Cinnamon on its own takes center stage here in the Aldi Bake Shop's cinnamon crumb cake, a dessert that will be coming to a store near you on September 15th. A generous 26-ounce cake costs only $3.99! Can't beat that with a cinnamon stick.

These Aldi donuts are reminiscent of a farm stand favorite

One of the most quintessential autumnal experiences involves going out to a pick-your-own apple farm or pumpkin patch to avail yourself of seasonal produce at its absolute freshest. Of course, no trip to such an establishment is complete without a trip to the farm store where, if you're lucky, it'll have a fresh batch of apple cider doughnuts for sale. Even if you're far away from the nearest farm stand, though, you can still have a little taste of seasonal heaven courtesy of Aldi's Bake Shop. While its apple cider doughnuts aren't quite the same thing as ones that were just pulled fresh from the fryer, they're the next best thing – and just $2.99 for half a dozen! Look for them starting on September 10th.