40% Agree This Is The Worst Brand Of Mayonnaise

When it comes to condiments, people tend to be passionate about their choice, whether it be the nostalgic variety always on hand throughout their childhood, or an even better option they discovered later in life. Mayonnaise, the creamy spread consisting of egg, oil, and an acid emulsified together, is no exception.

Whether you prefer it spread out on a piece of bread and topped with bacon, lettuce, and tomato for a BLT, folded into a creamy potato salad, served as an aioli on the side of hot french fries, or used as the secret ingredient in countless other recipes, mayonnaise is one of the most timeless and versatile condiments.

While there's no shortage of mayonnaise brands, a few big-name brands do stand out as the kings of the mayo industry, including Hellmann's, Heinz, and Miracle Whip (the latter being a lower-calorie mayonnaise dressing alternative). But, just because a brand is a big name doesn't necessarily mean that it's universally beloved. And, as a new Mashed poll indicates, opinions on the worst brand of mayo can be just as divided as opinions on the best.

Many consider Miracle Whip to be the worst kind of mayo

In a new Mashed poll, 657 U.S.-based participants responded to the question, "What is the worst brand of mayonnaise?" with seven brands to choose from: Miracle Whip, Heinz, Kraft, Hellman's, Trader Joe's, Kewpie, and Duke's. While many of the votes were scattered across the board, one iconic condiment did resoundingly pull in the most votes to be named the least favorite.

Coming in last place — meaning it is actually the most beloved mayo brand by respondents — was Hellmann's (also known as Best Foods in some areas of the country), with 5.94% of the vote. The venerable mayo brand also took the number one spot in Mashed's rankings of the most popular mayo brands, proving its spreadable supremacy.

Falling close behind with the second and third least amount of votes were Trader Joe's mayo and Heinz with 7.15% and 7.31% of votes, respectively. Snagging the fourth place spot on the list was Duke's Mayonnaise, a sugar-free option and a favorite of chefs and foodies alike, bringing in 8.07% of the vote. Kraft brought in the next most amount of votes, with 10.65% of the share.

Despite having a legion of fans, the cult favorite Japanese mayo brand Kewpie – which is made with egg yolks and rice vinegar, and has no added salt and sugar — pulled in the second place position, with 20.24% of people naming it as their least favorite.

But, overwhelmingly, readers selected the mayo-style condiment Miracle Whip as their least favorite mayo option, receiving 40.64% of the vote. Miracle Whip also fell dead last in Mashed's mayo rankings, with a taste that's described in the article as "disgustingly sweet and obviously overly processed compared to normal, civilized mayo." If this vote proves anything, it's that a low-calorie imitation of this classic condiment simply can't hold its own against the real thing.