Fans Can't Get Enough Of Gordon Ramsay And His 'Little Monster'

Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana have a family full of social media stars. Holly Ramsay is a model, according to Parade, and a self-described digital creator with 277,000 followers on Instagram. Matilda, better known as Tilly Ramsay, is currently on the British dancing competition show "Strictly Come Dancing" and is approaching 1 million followers, per her Instagram page. Gordon Ramsay himself has nearly 13 million Instagram followers under his "@gordongram" username.

Let's not overlook the youngest Ramsay child. He's only 2 years old, but Oscar Ramsay's Instagram account has well over 300,000 followers already. (The account is managed by big sisters TIlly and Holly.) The youngest Ramsay definitely got the internet's attention after he and dad posed for a cute photo for You magazine that Gordon Ramsay posted on Instagram. The photo shows Oscar in T-shirt and jeans with dad very close by, looking much happier than he ever does on "Hell's Kitchen." Ramsay captioned the photo, "Sunday Funday with this little monster."

Some Instagrammers think Gordon's son Oscar Ramsay is cute ... because he looks like his mum

The "little monster" photo of Gordon Ramsay and son Oscar, taken by professional photographer Dan Kennedy for You magazine, has received nearly 400,000 likes on Ramsay's Instagram. Celebrities and ordinary social media citizens flocked to comment under the photo as well. Candice Brown, who won "Great British Bake Off" in 2016, dropped four heart emojis on the post. Italian celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo, who costars with Ramsay on the British food travel show "Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip," came up with an idea for a sequel. "I can see a new show coming up," D'Acampo commented, followed by the hashtag #GordonGinoFredandlittleOscar.

Some Instagrammers appreciated what the photo represented as much as they did Oscar's cuteness. User @84.d4l1 said, "Cutest thing ever when you see what a lovely father Gordon is with his kids." Others were less ready to give Ramsay much credit. "He's super cute but looks like Mummy IMO," @cherylstandley1 commented. 

Parade said young Oscar is Gordon Ramsay's last chance to have a child follow in his chef's footsteps. Instagrammer @ha_rrison9175 can already picture it, commenting, "It's gonna be funny seeing his kid in school screaming at the school cooks."