Geoffrey Zakarian's 'Most Memorable Meal' Response Is Super Sweet

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You know celebrity chef and restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian from his appearances on the Food Network shows "Chopped" and "Iron Chef America," and as the winner of "The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs'" season three (via Food Network). Zakarian obviously has a passion for feeding others, but he also has his own list of favorite foods and cuisines. In an interview with Mashed, he revealed his all-time favorite food is something simpler than you may think: Eggs.

A meal out is always great, but when it comes to cooking at home, Zakarian says it's all about family involvement, including that of his three children. He's sure to keep almond and oat milk in his refrigerator for his dairy-free daughter and knows a filling, nutritious breakfast, often of poached eggs or oatmeal, is important for growing kids. Zakarian loves cooking with his kids, including daughters Madeline and Anna (who have their own cookbook), stating they once made a casserole of Brussels sprouts and sausage and that "frankly, they inhaled it" (via She Knows).

Geoffrey Zakarian has a soft spot for his family

Given Zakarian's passion for cooking and spending time with his family, it's no wonder when asked what his "most memorable meal" would be, he responded, "Anything I share with my amazing wife and kids. It never gets any better" (via Food Network).

When asked a similar question by She Knows, Zakarian expanded on his answer, discussing how difficult it can be to gather the family to cook and eat a meal together, and, therefore, those shared meals are often his favorite. "Every time I'm able to cook and sit down with my kids for dinner it is memorable," he said.

Zakarian says popular family dishes include risotto and pasta with Bolognese sauce. "My daughters are loving soups with grilled cheeses and Paninis," he said. Other special meals include roast ribeye stew and Beef Bourguignon, dishes Zakarian said he likes partially because they can be served family-style (via She Knows).