Coffee Mate Has Good News For Golden Grahams Fans

It's no secret that Americans love cereal. Whether it's Rice Krispies, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, or any of the other hundreds of options stacked on grocery store shelves, more than 283 million Americans said they consumed cereal in 2020 (via Statista). And we don't just enjoy digging into a bowlful for breakfast — according to a YouGov survey, 81% of people consider it perfectly normal to eat cereal at other times of the day, like for dinner or a midnight snack.

One popular cereal choice is Golden Grahams. First released by General Mills back in the 1970s, the crunchy honey-coated squares are a nostalgic treat for kids and adults alike, and each serving boasts a hearty serving of whole grains. If you're a fan of Golden Grahams, there's a new product coming that could take your morning from so-so to so sweet. General Mills has teamed up with Coffee Mate to release a coffee creamer flavored just like the sugary sweet cereal you know and love.

Coffee Mate Golden Grahams creamer comes out in early 2022

Last week, Coffee Mate revealed on Instagram that its new Coffee Mate Golden Grahams creamer will be released nationwide sometime in January 2022. The exact launch date and the specific locations and stores where it will be available have yet to be announced. As for what it will taste like? If you've never had Golden Grahams cereal, one commenter on the Instagram post said it's "like tiny crispy pieces of caramelized graham crackers." If the creamer has a similar flavor to that description, it sounds just like something you'd want swirling into your morning cup of joe.

People on social media are already freaking about the upcoming release. "This is perhaps the best news of 2021," one person commented, while another confessed, "I'm going to chug this stuff." The only downside is that Coffee Mate admitted it has no plans to release a sugar-free version of the Golden Grahams flavor for now — but stay tuned.