Aldi's December 2021 Products Make Dinner A Snap

Oh, Aldi, how we love you. This budget supermarket chain founded in Germany came over to U.S. shores in 1976 and now counts more than 2,000 stores in 36 states across the country (via the official website). And thank goodness, 'cause we're pretty much hooked on the chain's affordable groceries that have become cult classics, from tasty pumpkin-sage ravioli to buttery brioche buns and milk chocolate peanut butter cups.

Like another shoppers' favorite, Trader Joe's, Aldi is great at introducing new products to its shelves every few weeks. Earlier in Thanksgiving, the chain added a bunch of Thanksgiving options such as heat-and-serve cheddar biscuits and mini pumpkin pies. And over the next few weeks, a new crop of perfect-for-dinner prepared foods will be on sale to save you from any post-Thanksgiving kitchen fatigue. From twice-baked potatoes to spicy miso ramen bowls and mushroom flatbreads, read on to learn more about these tasty December offerings you can soon find on store shelves.

Specially Selected Authentic Italian Pizza

Did someone say pizza? How about mozzarella, cherry tomato, and arugula; or mushroom, mascarpone, and Italian cheese? These frozen pies, available in two delicious flavors, are a great heat-and-eat option for those long nights when you're hungry — or perhaps hangry — and don't have the energy to cook. They'll be available at Aldi for $3.99 each starting December 1.

Deutsche Küche Egg Spaetzle

Have you ever heard of spaetzle? It's a type of fresh egg pasta common in Germany and Austria, but it isn't too tricky to make at home — especially when you can open a bag of already prepared noodles and just boil 'em up. Starting on December 1, Aldi — which, after all, knows a thing or two about German food — will be selling its popular ready-to-cook spaetzle in three varieties: onion, mushroom, and cheese. Grab 'em for just $1.99 each.

Priano Christmas Gnocchi

If you love gnocchi, you'll love this new buy at Aldi. These pillowy Italian dumplings are made using a base of mashed potatoes and are a delicious alternative to pasta — but they can be somewhat laborious to make at home. Aldi is coming to the rescue with new Christmas gnocchi that are just begging for a simple brown butter sage sauce. Available in two flavors and shapes, including green and white spinach stars and trees and red and white Santa hats and mittens. Both will be available starting on December 8 for just $1.99 a bag.

Season's Choice Twice Baked Potato

Who doesn't love a twice-baked potato? Often enriched with dairy goodness such as sour cream or cheese, these mashed-baked potato hybrids are a tasty side dish made even easier when they come already prepared and just need to be heated up. Starting on December 8, Aldi will provide two frozen versions for $2.99 each: Bacon Cheddar and Four Cheese.

Pacific Seafood Dungeness Crab Snap 'n Eat

If there's any seafood that represents luxury — besides lobster, of course — it's Dungeness crab, a sweet-and-salty crustacean that makes up an important part of the Pacific Coast's fishing industry (via Southern Living). Delicious when they are simply steamed, cracked, and dipped into drawn butter, Dungeness crab will be available at Aldi starting December 8. Frozen and ready to heat and eat, a two-pound bag will cost $49.99.

Specially Selected North Atlantic Lobster Tails

Speaking of lobster, Aldi has you covered there, too. Starting on December 8, the chain will sell frozen whole lobster tails perfect for steaming and drowning in butter, or topping with buttery bread crumbs. A pair of these tails is a steal at just $13.99.

Specially Selected Flatbread

Looking for the perfect heat-and-serve appetizer for your winter dinner parties? Then look no further than these Specially Selected flatbreads, available at Aldi starting on December 15. The frozen "bistro-style" flatbreads will be available in two flavors: mushroom, with creme fraiche and mozzarella, and spinach and ricotta. They're priced at $4.19 per 15-ounce box.

Annie Chun's Ramen Bowls

If you've never tried Annie Chun's, these elevated instant ramen bowls are ready in a snap, but are tastier than their convenience store counterparts. And luckily, starting on December 15, Aldi will stock its shelves with Spicy Miso, Vegan Tonkatsu, and Shoyu flavors — for just $2.79 a pop.

Honeysuckle White Fresh Bone-In Turkey Breast

Even if Thanksgiving is over, if you haven't had your fill of turkey yet, Aldi is coming to the rescue starting on December 15. That's when the store will stock its refrigerator cases with fresh, antibiotic-free turkey breast from Honeysuckle White. At just $1.99 per pound, it's an economical option for your Christmas or New Year's Eve dinners.

Specially Selected USDA Choice Bone In Ribeye Roast

If you're one of those cooks that just loves to host a holiday dinner, then you might already be planning a Christmas or New Year's Eve meal. If so, you'll want to stop by your local Aldi store starting on December 15, when it will be selling a luxurious bone-in ribeye roast for $6.99 per pound. Roast it until rare, let it rest, and then carve off big slices for your hungry and grateful guests.

Kirkwood Stuffed Chicken

Most of us love chicken, but can get a little bored of this everyday poultry item. That's where Aldi comes in: Starting on December 22, the chain will offer frozen stuffed chicken breasts, packed full of either broccoli and Swiss cheese or ham and Swiss cheese (aka cordon bleu-style). These fun alternatives to plain ol' chicken come frozen and ready to bake, and make the perfect easy, wintertime meal. They'll be on sale for $4.99 a bag.