Instagram Is Cracking Up Over Duff Goldman's Cheeto Assessment

Duff Goldman is perhaps best known for his view of sweets and the unique way he is able to mold them into magnificent creations. From the slightly unconventional means in which he bakes cookies, to his show, Ace of Cakes, on which he decorated some of the most elaborate cakes on television and beyond.

But that is not where his skills end. Goldman has also been known to share his opinion on savory eats as well. He is such a fan of crinkle cut fries that he took to social media to defend them against their online haters and trolls, and he even has a favorite regional chip brand, Utz and their Red Hot – The Crab Chip, which he announced via his Twitter account. And if those endorsements were not enough to fill out his savory repertoire, his recent assessment of the popular cheesy delight, Cheetos, is turning heads now, too. 

It's not what you think

Duff Goldman's Instagram spans from familial to foodie from post to post. However, one of his most recent posts took a turn for the odd. His review post on Instagram described the Cheeto he found in his bag as "girthy," and fans are entirely too entertained by the use of the adjective.

One fan loved the note so much he commented "Best post of the day!," while others were merely surprised and bemused, getting in on the fun by saying things like "It's the holidays – we're all a little girthy these days" and "Size doesn't matter." While size may not be important in other areas, truth be told, no one would be saying no to a nice, big Cheeto that size if they found it in their bag. They would likely be excited to find a crunchy bite that size to help them curb their snack craving even quicker.