What Bartenders Really Think When You Order A Moscow Mule

When you order a drink at a bar, whether they say it to your face or not, the bartender has thoughts on your order. Thrillist interviewed several bartenders about what certain drinks say about customers, and the responses were very specific. "This is for someone who recognizes they are too old to order Sour Appletinis, but wants a compromise," one said bartender about people that order Whiskey Sours. Another described customers that order White Russians as "my great-grandmother on a bender."

On Reddit, bartenders freely admit their drink stereotypes. On a thread from five years ago, one user pointed out that Moscow Mules are the new Rum and Coke. This timeline lines up with the Moscow Mule's rise in popularity, despite the drink being around since the 1940s, a fact that another Redditor pointed out. The same person explained that the drink has really taken off because of the copper mug, which has been a marketing gimmick from the start. Stylish copper mugs aside, the simple combination of vodka, ginger beer, and lime is a way for vodka soda drinkers to spice up their life a bit. That being said, as much as we would love to ease your anxiety about ordering this drink at the bar, the truth is that bartenders are still judging you.

They think you're boring and ordering it for the copper mug

Though the aesthetic of a Moscow Mule makes it look like you know what you're doing at the bar, bartenders think otherwise. Vinepair interviewed 10 bartenders, asking what drink they're sick of making, and Meghan Kelleher of Distilled in New York named the Moscow Mule, noting, "Moscow Mules are perfectly fine, but boring. Even if made with fresh ingredients, like homemade ginger beer or syrup, it's still a dressed up vodka-soda-with-extra-limes. Let me make you an interesting gimlet variation instead."

Reddit bartenders have varying thoughts on Moscow Mules, too. One commented, "I see plenty of people getting Moscow Mules purely because of the 'ooo shiny cup' mentality," while other Redditors replied that it's a tasty drink that deserves to be trendy. Bartenders interviewed by Thrillist seem to agree that people order Moscow Mules purely for the Instagram-worthiness. "You love aesthetics more than you love ginger. Go on, get that Instagram cheers-ing shot," said one.

Despite possible judgement from bartenders, if you like Moscow Mules, don't let this stop you from ordering them. They're a simple drink to make, and in a world where bartenders are drowning in espresso martinis, they will surely appreciate a less laborious order.