Duff Goldman's Daughter Told Him How She Likes Her Toast In An Adorable Tweet

Toast is one of those things — like the way the toilet paper should hang, or whether "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie — that pretty much everyone has an opinion on. According to ABC news, one in 10 Americans start the day with toast or some kind of bread stuff, and The Travel claims that the most eaten breakfast foods in this country are cereal, eggs, and avocado toast. An opinion on how toast should be prepared is another really defining characteristic to many people. According to YouGov, 58% of Americans say toast should be somewhat lightly-toasted, while 28% percent line up with the somewhat darkly-toasted group. Only 1% prefer burnt toast, while 4% fall in the very dark preference range, and 8% go with very-lightly-toasted bread.

Apparently, even little Josephine Goldman, the daughter of celebrity chef Duff Goldman and his wife Johanna, also feels strongly about the way toast should be prepared. We're guessing that, since she's not quite a year old yet, the baby hasn't forayed into avocado toast or the Brit favorite Marmite on her bread just yet. But, how does Josephine prefer her toasted bread? She let her dad know, and naturally he had to share with Twitter.

Even Duff's baby daughter has her opinion about toast

The former "Ace of Cakes" star recently posted a Tweet that featured a picture of his darling daughter with a paper diagram that illustrates the different options for toast. He captioned it, "Josephine is explaining to us how dark she likes her toast. She's very particular about toast." Really, who isn't? The cake connoisseur, who is actually a bread aficionado as well (he began his baking career making loaves, per the L.A. Times) did not share his little angel's actual preference with us. We're guessing though, given the picture and what we know about Josephine thus far, that she has no qualms about letting her parents know just how she wants her food served to her.

In his ode to toast on YouTube, comic Heywood Banks decreed, "There's no secret to toasting perfection. There's a dial on the side, then you make your selection." Of course, you don't need a toaster to make toast, but you do need bread, heat, and, yes, an opinion on how dark it should be. In response to Goldman's Tweet about how particular his daughter is about her bread, followers shared their own opinions. "As am I! She's started good toast early!" said one person, while another suggested they like theirs with "a little butter and cinnamon sugar."