Twitter Is Cracking Up Over McDonald's 2022 Restaurant Sign

In 2021, we saw several of our favorite food brands take to social media to provide some much-needed comedic relief. Some examples included restaurants like Outback Steakhouse and Taco Bell participating in the hilarious Twitter "red flags" trend, as well as Burger King tweeting its "hot take" on its crown-shaped chicken nuggets. One fast food giant's social media team, however, often takes the cake when it comes to funny posts: that of McDonald's.

From changing McDonalds' official Twitter handle to garner the attention of BTS fans to using restaurant signs as a way to clap back at menu haters, this chain's social media managers are known to be quite in vogue when delivering messages for the brand. While most customers might know McDonald's for its crispy fries or saucy burgers, it's also safe to say that the company knows how to conduct itself online. This continues to hold true for 2022, thanks to one tweet that has caught the attention of fans with its hilarious relatability.

This McDonald's sign is all about New Year's resolutions

Among all the traditions that come with every new year, perhaps the most popular is making New Year's resolutions. It appears that McDonald's set itself the goal of making some lifestyle changes in 2022 — but with a comedic twist. In a tweet posted today, the restaurant chain shared a picture of one of its signature outdoor signs with block letters reading, "2022 is the year I finish what I've starte." (And yes, the D appears to be missing on purpose.)

Although some fans are showing the post some love with likes and retweets, others are taking the opportunity to put McDonald's on blast about other things it needs to improve. One user wrote, "How about you start bringing back snackwraps," which got 30 likes in agreement. Another replied,  "Is it the year you bring back all day breakfast?" As suggested by its customers, McDonald's has plenty to work on besides its spelling before 2022 is over.