This Froot Loop Quirk May Surprise Even Die-Hard Fans

There are some mornings when a mountain of eggs and a stack of pancakes with a side of bacon simply aren't in the cards. Instead, you reach for the largest bowl you can find, a gallon of milk, and a box of cereal. While some cereals veer to the healthier side of the spectrum, there are some varieties in which we love to shamelessly indulge. One of the most colorful cereal brands on market shelves is, of course, Froot Loops. The rainbow-hued, O-shaped breakfast treat has been satisfying customers of all ages since 1963, according to Kellogg's official timeline. Because honestly, what's not to love about shoveling crunchy, sugary goodness into your face – not to mention the lovable, squawking mascot, Toucan Sam? Over the years, Froot Loops have become somewhat of a pop culture icon, appearing in products such as candy canes and even pizza.

Many of us associate indulgent foods that sport certain colors with their corresponding fruit or vegetable flavors, according to researchers at Penn State (via ScienceDaily). For instance, yellow candy is often lemon-flavored. Green usually tastes like lime, apple, or spinach. Purple is grape. Red is strawberry. Orange is orange. You get the gist. But when it comes to Froot Loops, we're sorry to report that every colored piece of sugary goodness tastes exactly the same.

All Froot Loops are the same flavor

We know, we know ... Our minds were blown, too! But as it turns out, the flavors of our beloved Froot Loops have absolutely no difference among the multicolored rings. 

According to Kellogg's, the brand's parent company, this rumor is 100% true. The company apparently confirmed this, according to a 1999 article on The Straight Dope. So, if the loops don't taste like a cornucopia of fruits, then what are they supposed to taste like? As a writer at Food Beast hilariously described the cereal's mysterious zest upon learning this disappointing news, "Each loop does in fact taste like mildly sweetened cardboard, with negligible or no differences between them." In reality, Froot Loops are formulated to taste like a blend of various fruits. According to the brand's official website, the product is described as "the fruitiest way to start your day." And while its ingredients list does include natural flavor, the source is unclear.

Perhaps even more shockingly, fellow colorful cereals like Fruity Pebbles and Trix are also identically flavored (per Time). No matter what, Froot Loops are totally awesome and we can't wait for our next bowl, during which we'll all likely conduct our own taste test. At the very least, the pinky-purple post-Froot Loops milk is something to look forward to.