Instagram Is Raining Hearts On Jamie Oliver's Cute Kitchen Helper

Jamie Oliver and his adorable son River are at it again. The two have been in the kitchen cooking up a wonderful pasta dish and Oliver has shared the sweet moment on social media. If you are not familiar, Oliver's youngest son, River, is quite the character and definitely the star whenever he appears in the celebrity chef's posts. Whether River is showing off his singing skills, being the life of his 5th birthday party, or humming with the bees as they collect honey, this little boy just makes everything look happy, fun, and carefree. 

Oliver's son is a bundle of energy and the host of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" revealed to Foxtel his youngster is a real handful in a wonderful way, saying that "River is phenomenal" but breaks a lot of things around the house, including a piano if River's mid-interview admission was to be believed. The joys of parenting. But this latest photo is just that: pure joy. And Instagram is raining hearts on this cute little kitchen helper. In fact, over 42,000 people have given it their stamp of approval and are letting Oliver know in the comments how much they love these parenting moments.

It's a pretty big bowl of pasta for a child

Oliver shared a picture of River, proudly displaying the seafood pasta dish they made together, and Instagram is loving it. Oliver captioned the photo, "Have a little helper with me in the kitchen today! And we have a lovely new recipe to share with you that I've just uploaded to my app JUM! This is my quick seafood pasta. Ready in 20 mins, you can mix this recipe up and go in with whatever seafood you like, or even bulk it up with a few extra leftover veggies. Just a little recipe inspiration from me to you."

Oliver's fans – and River's too – could not get over the cuteness factor or the wonderful bonding experience father and son are having while cooking. One follower simply typed, "Cuteness," summing up what we were all thinking. A second fan of the post wrote, "I love how this is such a family friendly recipe and something that you can share with loved ones as a way to form lasting happy memories in the kitchen!" While another commented, "He looks happy with all that pasta for himself." We agree. Who wouldn't be grinning knowing they get to eat what looks like a delicious pasta dish? Fans love that Oliver is sharing these sweet scenes of River with them and probably can't wait for the next!