The Sweet Pie Marcus Samuelsson Makes For His Wife's Pregnancy Cravings

Marcus Samuelsson is well-known as a judge on Food Network's reality food competition show, "Chopped," as well as for his famous Red Rooster Restaurant in New York City. But, if you follow the celebrity chef on social media, then you probably know he is also a loving and attentive dad and husband. We saw this during his adorable balancing act with his son Zion that Samuelsson shared on Instagram. And then again when, per, he revealed to his social media followers that not only are he and his wife Maya Haile expecting, but they have a sweet way they plan to honor Ethopia with their second child, by naming her Grace Ethiopia.

Samuelsson wrote in his announcement post, "Our fellow Ethiopians have experienced such a difficult year, so it means a lot to us to honor and celebrate our country of origin through the birth of our daughter. We are sending our joy and light to you and our community." Now, as the due date approaches, Samuelsson is sharing with his fans and followers the sweet pie he is making for his wife to keep her happy during the last days of her pregnancy — and Twitter and Instagram are loving it.

The pie is a real treat with a take on Southern black bottom pie

Samuelsson both Tweeted and shared on Instagram a photo of a pie tin with a single slice of the dessert left inside and wrote, "My wife is nine months pregnant. What @MayaMayahaile wants, Maya gets! That includes dibs on this entire Black-Bottom Peanut Pie." According to Samuelsson's website, this pie is his riff on the "classic Southern black bottom pie," a result of the chef's love of the taste of peanuts and chocolate together. He also reveals, "Once you have one slice, you won't be able to stop." 

And from the looks of the photo, that's not hyperbole! Social media is loving the sweet gesture. As one person wrote, "Happy wife, happy life. Cook with love, chef." While another added, "Congrats on the new baby coming! And if I was her I would want the same thing!" We second that. On Twitter, Samuellsson got a high-five for doting on his wife, with one fan writing, "You know the rules! It looks delicious and congratulations to you both."

This pie, which has a crust made with Nilla wafers, a chocolate ganache, and heavy cream, topped off with a sticky and sweet peanut topping, definitely sounds like a craving we can all support, pregnant or otherwise.