Instagram Is Raining Hearts On Padma Lakshmi's Dog In Adorable Outfits

The celebrity pet world is booming right now. In addition to serving up some incredible dishes, celeb chefs have also been known to share quite a few fun photos of their furry friends. Bobby Flay's cat collective, including fur children Nacho and Stella, has garnered quite a bit of attention, from food brand creation to being adorable on Instagram. Likewise, Guy Fieri has captivated fans by sharing details on his unusual pet family that includes a pet tortoise, several peacocks, and more goats than anyone could have ever imagined (per Washington Post).

And on the more traditional side, fans often gawk over Paula Deen's Golden Doodle (seen on her website) that inspired her dog food line as well as Martha Stewart's nine cats, including the well-known Chigi-Toto (though she also has peacocks among her massive number of pets). It is no mystery that fans love a good photo with man's best friend, even the untraditional ones that fall outside the dog category. And Padma Lakshmi certainly delivered by dressing up her pooch in an adorable, winter-friendly outfit fans could not help but love.

Padma dressed her dog in a puppy parka

Padma Lakshmi and her daughter Krishna seem to spend a lot of time with their four-legged friend, dressing the pooch in all sorts of outfits for fans to "ooh" and "aah" over. Lakshmi posted an adorable photo montage on Instagram, starting with the three of them wearing nearly matching coats with fur trim on the hood, followed by more snapshots of the family pet, named Divina, in the next few slides, including the dog dressed in chains and a fashionable rain coat. Lakshmi's caption said it all: "This is a Divina appreciation post. She's an icon, she's a legend, and she IS the moment."

Fans could not help but react. As one said, "Those eyes. She is so adorable," and another one added, "She is so sweet, love her little outfits." It would seem that if Lakshmi's career as a chef and host of "Top Chef" ever falls through, she certainly has a career in styling adorable little pups!