Why Michelob's Second Super Bowl Commercial Left Viewers Confused

Did you catch Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl ad that features a whole bunch of stars doing what many fans would love to imagine they do in real life? In "Welcome to Superior Bowl," fans see sports megastars past and present mowing down some pins together in a bowling alley run by Steve Buscemi, who pronounces that it's "game time." There's former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning (this guy loves to do commercials, right?), tennis great Serena Williams, Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat, U.S. women's soccer star Alex Morgan, and more.

The retro-cool spot features the Electric Light Orchestra song "Showdown" (via Adage), as well as Manning's trademark bad acting, which, let's be honest, fans always love. But two teams can't win the same Super Bowl — and apparently, two "Superior Bowl" ads from the same brand can't always be winners, either. A spot that has some Super Bowl viewers scratching their heads was for Michelob Ultra's Organic Seltzer. The "Caddy" addition to the Superior Bowl ad lineup stars pro golfer Brooks Koepka rolling up to the bar where he engages with an unlikely golf caddy: actor Kurt Yue, who plays George in Cobra Kai (per IMDb). As caddies do, Yue golf-whispers some advice to Koepka on what to drink — the seltzer, of course. And did they mention it's organic, has no sugar, and has zero carbs? 

Cobra Kai and golf stars sell hard seltzer

While Twitter considered Serena Williams' Michelob Ultra spot the best of this year's Super Bowl ads, "Caddy" wasn't so much a touchdown as a swing and a miss (excuse our mixed sports metaphors). Some people on Twitter didn't recognize the pair. As one person tweeted: "Michelob banking on America knowing who Brooks Koepka is pretty bold." Another commenter seemingly played on the ad's zero-theme: "Have zero knowledge of that person." Some fans had lots of love for the "Cobra Kai" star, however. A different person wrote, "What a world we live in where George from the All Valley Board moonlights as a caddy!" Lots of fans also praised the actor's "incredible voice."

Another seemingly unimpressed Twitter user tweeted that the commercial was a snoozer — but it was also effective. "Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer ... absolutely boring but guess what, you remembered that it's • Organic • Zero sugar • Zero carbs." 

And some fans loved the ad. "Definitely the best Super Bowl commercial this year," wrote one Twitter user. The seltzers got what seems like an inordinate number of ugly hate tweets (we wonder how many haters have even tried the beverage). But many chimed in with their favorite flavors of the seltzer: Cucumber Lime, Black Cherry, Spicy Pineapple, and Peach Pear. The ad spot might not have been a fan-favorite of the night, but it did catch people's attention.

The Caddy ad spot left fans scratching their heads

Michelob Ultra's "Caddy" Superior Bowl commercial wasn't the first Super Bowl ad Brooks Koepka appeared in for the beer brand. Fans can also see him in the original "Superior Bowl" commercial, albeit staying away from the bowling lanes and instead running the pool table. Koepka, Michelob Hard Seltzer in hand, gives Peyton Manning a nod as he heads into the bowling alley carrying his shoes, bowling ball bag, and a bottle of Michelob Ultra he just picked up from bartender Steve Buscemi. He also can be seen nearly whiffing his pool shot as Serena Williams walks in, again with his can of Michelob Hard Seltzer visible sitting on the pool table rail in the background. 

While many took to the YouTube comments to declare it one of, if not the best Super Bowl commercials of 2022, others were confused as to why Koepka, a lesser-known sports celebrity — at least compared to Manning and Williams — was chosen to have a standout cameo in the next "Caddy" commercial.

But who IS Brooks Koepka?

Unless you're a golf fan, chances are you might have not recognized who the actor approaching the bar is in the Michelob Ultra "Caddy" commercial. One user on Twitter noted he wasn't even dressed in golf clothes to help identify him, writing that some clarification was definitely needed. "Someone in the ad absolutely has to say 'BUT YOUR GOLF'S BROOKS KOEPKA!'" Another user agreed, commenting, "Lolol exactly! Or a name plate or SOMETHING." Yet hearing Koepka's name didn't even clarify things for a third user, who apparently had never heard of him and commented, "Who?"

But as it turns out, Brooks Koepka has been in the beer game for some time, having partnered with Michelob Ultra since 2017 when he was an up-and-coming golfer. Forbes spoke with Michelob Ultra Vice President Azania Andrews about the decision to collaborate with Koepka after he was named PGA Player of the Year in 2018, with Andrews saying it was a good match for the pair, as Koepka was growing as a golfer and Michelob Ultra was growing in popularity as a beer brand. It looks like things are working out for both parties, as Koepka and Michelob Ultra just made some of the most popular Super Bowl ads of 2022.