Silk Has Good News For Plant-Based Coffee Creamer Users

For vegan and lactose-intolerant consumers, now is a better time than ever to find plant-based milk options. Non-dairy milks have made their way not only into store-bought cartons, but also into plant-based Cold Stone Creamery treats, packs of dark chocolate vegan ice cream at Costco, and beyond. Over the last few years, popular soy milk brand Silk has broadened its product line to include milks, yogurts, and creamers made with coconuts, cashews, almonds, and more. Now, the line is expanding once again with new ingredients for your coffee.

In a recent press release, Silk announced its new dairy-free oat milk coffee creamer, as well as two new flavors of almond-based creamer. All three products are now available at Walmart stores for $4.79 and $4.49 per quart, respectively, the announcement says. In addition to being vegan, the beverages are gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and made without carrageenan or artificial colors and flavors.

What flavors are Silk's new plant-based coffee creamers?

Silk's new plant-based coffee creamers come in three different flavors, according to the company's press release. There are two different varieties of the Silk Enhanced Almond Creamer: vanilla latte and salted caramel. Both of the almond milk-based creamers have an added 4 grams of protein, and the salted caramel almond creamer also has vitamin A. For anyone who prefers their coffee on the no-frills side, Silk's new oat creamer is simply called "The Sweet Oat Latte One." It joins the brand's existing vanilla and oatmeal cookie oat creamers listed on the website.

Wondering how Silk's products compare to other plant-based creamers on the market? We've ranked 10 popular dairy-free coffee creamers, and our favorite was one from Starbucks. However, a soy creamer from Silk made it into our top three. Plus, if you ever run out of coffee creamer, you can always add plant-based milk and a little sugar to your cup of joe.