Twitter Is Cracking Up Over Duff Goldman's Bagel Confession

Duff Goldman may be known for the intricate cakes he creates, but he is also definitely a fan of the bagel and his latest tweet about the doughy treasure has his fans in stitches. Truth be told, Duffman has a long-standing relationship with bagels. Back in 2018, the "Ace of Cakes" host tweeted, "Bagels are great. Toasted everything bagels. A little bit burnt on the edges. At least a half-inch of cream cheese. Super thin sliced smoked salmon." Of course, at the time of the tweet, he admitted he was dieting and couldn't stop thinking about food.

That said, according to his Food Network bio, Goldman's 14-year-old self actually got his start in the culinary world working at a bagel shop. Of course, he also revealed he was "almost fired" as a result of making the sandwiches too big. But Goldman was not deterred by this experience, and he clearly doesn't bear any ill will towards the bagel because he is passing along the love for this breakfast favorite to his daughter. Just last year, Goldman shared a pic on Instagram of his baby girl enjoying a book – the name of the book: "B is for Bagel." But books and previous employment aside, it's Goldman's latest musings on the bread treat that has the twitterverse cracking up.

Goldman has serious thoughts on plastic knives

Goldman recently confessed to his Twitter followers that he wishes restaurants would invest a little more in their plastic cutlery so he could truly spread the cream cheese on his bagel. He wrote, "Yeah, when you get a bagel from corporate America and they give you two single serve containers of Philly and a shite, bendy plastic knife, it makes me want to shoot lasers out of my eyes and destroy the universe."

A few followers were all too happy to chime in with their own thoughts on disposable plastic silverware, with one fan joining Goldman in his commiseration: "I love the analogy. Couldn't have said it better myself. I for one have a issue with sporks. Who decided we as a society or the lack thereof are not capable of handling the fork and spoon separate from one another. When did we become this over zealous mind frame of distrust?" 

But then crickets. Goldman's tweet didn't go far — it has only received just 125 likes to date. In response, he wrote a followup tweet hilariously pandering for much "kneaded" approval. "I feel like I'm under appreciated in the microblogging humor space," he joked. Naturally, his community rallied around him, with one person writing, "I think you're hilarious Duff!" Another typed, "I appreciate your humor @duffgoldman!"  We hope Goldman isn't too hard on himself. We still think he's a true "lox star."