The Weird Complaint One Shopper Has About Aldi's Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Customers generally have positive reviews for Aldi products, especially the grocery chain's cookies. Recently, shoppers have compared Aldi cookies to Girl Scout Thin Mints, and fans also couldn't get enough of Aldi's latte cream cookies. While these products have received excellent ratings, other items sometimes miss the mark. On the Aldi subreddit, one customer had an unusual complaint about the store's Bake Shop-brand chocolate chunk cookies.

Reddit user u/jindofox shared a post with the caption, "Aldi bake shop chocolate chunk cookies taste good but smell like fish. What's up with that?" No one else said that these cookies smell like fish to them, but one person wrote, "I've made cookies from refrigerated dough from Aldi (caramel chocolate chip) and they were so oily and tasted very fishy. I think it's the kind of oil in mass produced baked goods? I also can taste fishiness in Vons bakery chocolate chip muffins." Amid the mystery of the fishy smelling cookies, other Reddit users weighed in on what could be causing the odor.

What Aldi shoppers think about the fishy smell

In the comments of the Reddit post, people shared some theories as to what might make chocolate chip cookies smell like fish. One person wrote, "It may be canola oil. For some people, including me, canola oil smells like fish." Another person said, "It's possible that it might have something to do with the eggs in the ingredients. In the past I've bought eggs that had a really fishy odor." If your eggs smell or taste fishy, it's because they have a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, anything with a lot of omega-3 fats could smell like fish, per the Egg Farmers of Ontario, which is another potential explanation for the smell of the cookies.

Most people don't expect to see fish products in baked goods, but one Reddit user pointed out that some surprising products have fish warnings on them, saying, "McDonald's smoothies used to have a warning that people with fish allergies shouldn't eat them. I narrowed it down to the yogurt that was used. I've seen one yogurt that also had the fish warning, and it was Walmart's brand. I think it was an emulsifier." Finally, one commenter threw out a possibility the original poster may not have considered: "You sure u didnt get the chocolate chum cookies by mistake?"