How Steve Carell Once Trolled Chili's

Trolling is a recently trending, but not underrated "sport" amongst internet regulars. Trolling can be a fun way to joke around with someone one might disagree with on the internet, or an aggresivley annoying way to voice an often unwarranted opinion. In the food world, however, no one does it better than Wendy's, which takes the funny route and usually trolls the competition in the form of top-notch roasts.

They have roasted some of the best, like teasing Oreo for its need to be combined with milk, and McDonald's for their broken ice cream machines. Their skills are so vast that they once found a way to troll Jack in the Box and McDonald's in a single tweet. And they went even further by claiming National Roast Day as their own in 2018, daring brands to challenge Wendy's to come up with roasts for each of them. But comedian Steve Carell's troll of Chili's might mean he was the OG food troll king all along.

Steve Carell walked so Wendy's could run

Steve Carell in known for his comedic skills and timing. His role as a main character in "The Office" and countless other comedies has kept him top of mind for years when looking to sell a laugh. And in 2010, it seems he took that well crafted comedic timing to the food world. More specifically, he had a full on "social media war" with Chili's.

As a regularly featured establishment on "The Office," it seemed Carell was not shy announcing he was a big fan of Chili's. But in 2010, Carell participated in a "spoof" of "Lebron James' 'The Decision,'" and announced in an "interview" with Paul Rudd that he would be taking his business to Outback Steakhouse. He joked that he and Chili's "had a good run," but Outback has the bloomin' onion, so he ultimately decided it was the right choice to him. From there, Chili's took to Twitter to make light and call him out but Outback came back with a shot of their own. Seems the feud was all in fun and it remains an early example of some good trolling technique.