The Peanut Butter Steak That Had Gordon Ramsay Laughing

Although he is known for his harsh criticism, chefs who've worked with Gordon Ramsay have said he won't lose his cool unless food or his reputation is on the line. In fact, "Hell's Kitchen" contestant Nona Johnson actually told Mashed that Ramsay is "really, really funny." Through social media, we can get more of a glimpse at the celebrity chef's personality, and thanks to a TikTok duet he posted recently, we can see his sense of humor in effect.

The TikTok account @janelleandkate posted a video of someone cooking a steak. This might seem ordinary, but the "chef" covers the steak with peanut butter on both sides while it is cooking in the pan. On his TikTok account, Ramsay made a duet with the caption, "That's definitely how to ruin a #steak ...and my patience !!" He's laughing in his video and also points out the peanut butter also gets contaminated.

In the comments section of the video, TikTok's official account playfully said, "is this pb&s," and Ramsay responded with, "This will never be on a menu of mine." Ramsay has revealed his tips for the perfect steak before, and to no surprise, there's not a hint of peanut butter.

Other TikTok users weigh in on the peanut butter steak

TikTok users aren't shy to weigh in with their input on food videos, and just like Gordon Ramsay, many made it clear that they didn't think that peanut butter and steak looked appetizing. In the comments of Ramsay's duet, one person wrote, "I was word for word with you on this one chef. Disrespecting a steak is the 1 unforgivable sin in my cookbook." A different TikTok user said, "I love peanut butter but not that much." Another commented, "That poor cow died for nothing." Peanut butter is a common kitchen staple and beloved ingredient in the United States, but that doesn't mean it needs to go in every dish. 

Ramsay has reacted to plenty of other food TikToks in the past. For example, he wasn't impressed by the fiery grill TikTok, and he didn't enjoy watching a TikTok that involved far too much ketchup. On a related note, one TikTok user has a theory for why someone made this peanut butter steak: "I swear they do this to just get your reaction. lol." If the original peanut butter steak video was meant to cause a commotion on social media, it certainly achieved that goal.

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