Cherry Blossom Season Brings Cherry-Licious Beverages To Taco Bell

It happens every Spring. MLB teams start training, flowers begin blooming, allergies abound, and some of our favorite eateries add seasonal food elements to their menus. Well, buckle your seatbelts because Taco Bell is giving us all kinds of new menu items to excite our taste buds. The Mexican-inspired fast food chain announced they have turned their popular Nacho Fries Into a Steak Nacho Fries Burrito. The quick-service restaurant also gave customers good news, reporting that the Cinnabon Delights coffee is making its way back onto Taco Bell's menu.

And now, just as cherry blossom season is underway, that short time period in March or April that the National Park Services describes as peak blooming time for the pink-petaled trees, Taco Bell has announced the addition of two cherry-licious beverages that are going to put you in a chill mood and make the season a bit sweeter. Per Chew boom, Taco Bell aficionados can now enjoy two cherry-flavored freezes: Cherry Sunrise Freeze and Wild Cherry Freeze. What do these cherry blossom-inspired, ice-cold drinks taste like?

Summer vibes in a cup

According to Taco Bell's website, the Cherry Sunrise Freeze can best be described as a frozen drink that contains a sweet, cherry-flavored syrup for its base and layers of "a tropical swirl of pineapple orange flavor." The orange, yellow, and red colors blended together are reminiscent of a glorious sunrise in a tropical location. The vacation vibes are already setting in, albeit, in a transparent plastic cup. The Cherry Sunrise Freeze comes in two sizes, regular and large and its calories range from 180 to 220. 

The Wild Cherry Freeze is a little simpler in taste. Its bright red color comes again from the sweet, cherry-flavored syrup that comprises this drink. It's also a little easier on the calories with a regular size at 150 and a large at 190.

This is not the first time Taco Bell has created such a freeze. Per Chew boom, in 2019 the fast food chain brought fans the Cherry Sunset Freeze to mark the end of the summer season. Taco Bell made the announcement of this drink with a hilarious letter riffing on summer love. But just like the brevity of summer love and the limited time the cherry blossoms are in bloom, Best suggests that might be the case with these cherry-licious freezes. Or, perhaps, they'll end up on Taco Bell's secret menu you may not know about.