Instagram Is Loving Marcus Samuelsson's Adorable Sous Chef

Food and family have made quite a team in the life of chef Marcus Samuelsson, who recently welcomed his newborn daughter, Grace Ethiopia. Fans have received delicious glimpses of his family life on social media and learned what pie Samuelsson would make for his wife Maya when she had pregnancy cravings. His daughter had her time to shine, and now, his son is getting to twinkle like a little food star.

Recently, Samuelsson posted a photo of himself cooking with his son, Zion, on Instagram. They were making soup, and in the caption, the chef explains that he invents "new dishes on the fly." But unfortunately, he didn't write down this particular recipe. He tagged his wife, who apparently called the creation "The Best Soup in NYC." (We wonder what Zion thought.) Although we don't know what type of soup Samuelsson was making, we do know that Instagram users loved seeing him cook with his son.

People saw Zion as an 'adorable sous chef'

It's possible to have too many cooks in the kitchen, but when an extra cook is also are also your child, it can be a welcome addition. This might be especially true for Marcus Samuelsson, who has previously said that the "ability to cook with someone in your family helps to keep the old and new moving forward" (via FoodSided). People were happy to see this heartwarming moment of father and son bonding over food on Instagram. Nilou Motamed, a judge on "Top Chef" and former Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine, reflected, "Exactly the same — except I'm missing adorable sous chef."

Apparently touched by the sweetness of the scene, one fan, wrote, "This is too cute." Several people pointed out that Zion was watching the food closely and left comments like "love all the curiosity on that tiny face!" and "Zion looks like a very attentive sous chef!" An Instagram user pointed out how similar the older and younger cooks looked: "Aww! Look at Daddy and his Mini Me!"

There were some commenters who empathized with the head chef's adorable dilemma of experimenting in the kitchen with his child without writing down his soup recipe. Thankfully, we at least know a bit more details about the comforting meal Samuelsson could eat any day of the week — a meat stew.