The Dish Giada De Laurentiis Made To Celebrate The Premiere Of 'Always Amore'

You might be most familiar with Giada De Laurentiis from Food Network shows like "Everyday Italian," but now, the celebrity chef is moving into the film industry. While De Laurentiis has not announced plans to act, she did serve as the executive producer for a new Hallmark movie, "Always Amore," which has a sweet connection to her family. According to People, the characters were influenced by some important figures in the cookbook author's personal life. For example, a grandmother in the film shares some qualities with De Laurentiis' Aunt Raffy.

"Always Amore" centers around Elizabeth, the recently widowed owner of an Italian restaurant. As you might expect from a Hallmark movie, there's some romance, and as you may hope from a project De Laurentiis is involved in, there's lots of food. Fittingly, on the movie's April 3 premiere date, De Laurentiis shared an Instagram photo of what she was eating to celebrate: pasta alla Caprese, one of her "fav spring recipes."

What fans are saying about the dish and the movie

De Laurentiis' pasta alla Caprese, explained in detail on Giadzy, transforms the classic Caprese salad of fresh tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella into a light and easy pasta dish. It comes together in 20 minutes, which surely gave the "Always Amore" producer plenty of time to whip up dinner before enjoying her bowl of pasta during the premiere.

Hungry comments poured in on her Instagram post about the dish, including a "delicious!!!" from cookbook author and "Today" cooking host Saman Dada. Other fans took the opportunity to rave about De Laurentiis' movie. One person wrote, "What a beautiful movie #alwaysamore, job well done! One I will watch over and over." Wondering what exactly people enjoy about "Always Amore?" One user called out the "hope, perseverance & family love" portrayed in the story, while another complimented the cast, storyline, and the role of food: "It definitely made me hungry, sign of a great movie."